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Since 1948, including racing and street cars, there 189 different models have been constructed.

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How many different ferrari models are there toltal?

Since 1948, including racing and street cars, there 189 different models have been constructed.

How many meters a Ferrari measure?

Ferrari produce a number of different models with different lengths.

How much power does a Ferrari have?

It depends on what model of Ferrari. Ferrari makes many different cars that have different horsepower.You need to give specific info about what car model because if you just say Ferrari, all the cars made by Ferrari have different horsepower.

How many different models of cars are there?


Which are some well known battery powered cars?

There are many battery powered children's cars, such as Ferrari models, Trucker models and Beetle models. They are available from Argos, Wilkinsons and other good toy/children stores.

What faster a Lamborghini or a Ferrari?

Is this honestly a question? There are tons of different Ferrari and Lamborghini models, it is impossible to answer this question directly. Ferrari produces the fastest four wheeled automobile, because they race Formula One. Lamborghini isn't as big a company as Ferrari is, but their current cars could all rival the fastest road going cars that Ferrari produces. Lamborghini sticks to V10 and V12 engine cars, so they can all scrape over 200 mph, no problem. Ferrari can get a V8 to go nearly that fast, but they make slower cars like the 612 for grand touring luxury types. Also, there are many different ways to race them. Different drags and circuits could yield different results. Personally, I like Ferrari better.

Where can one see photos of Ferrari models?

There are many places to see photos of Ferrari models. The best place to find these pictures is on the main Ferrari website. Photo sharing websites such as Flickr and Photobucket will have pictures of Ferrari models as well.

How many Ferrari types are made?

How many models? Currently? 5. Here they are: Ferrari 430 Scuderia Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Ferrari F430 Ferrari California

How many cars sachin tendulkar have?

4 cars including His Ferrari

How many Ferrari cars were made?

a lot

How many models of BMW m3 cars are there?

There are at least 7 different models of BMW M3 cars on the road today. This does not include all the different modifications and additional components people install in them.

What achievements did Enzo Ferrari accomplished?

Founded the company "Ferrari" and manufactured performance cars. These cars have been raced to many victories in the past.

How many cars does Ferrari produce in a day?


How many cars did ferrari sell in 2008?


How many ferrari cars a year are built?

about 2000

How many having Ferrari cars in china?

about 1800

How many Ferrari dealerships are there in Italy?

in 2006 Ferrari sold 5671 cars. and 12 dealerships There are many dealers in Italy of ferrari and the number is ever growing.

In what models are Little Tikes Cars available?

They come in as many different models as real cars, from a coupe to a pickup truck and in princess and boy models. It is best to check with local retailers to see which are available locally.

How many different types of infinity cars are there?

Infinity currently makes 14 different models for sale in the U.S.

How many Ferrari Mondial T where made in 1992?

On average, Ferrari produced about 220 of these cars in 1992.

How many people have Ferrari cars in India?

There is only 1 ferrari in india and sachin tendulkar onws it.

How many Ferrari sold per year?

Ferrari sold 6,400 cars in 2007.

How many makes does Ferrari have?

Currently the company produces six models.

How many types of Ferrari are there?

Currently the company produces six models.

How many ferrari cars are made a year?

158 a year