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There are no animals that live in Antarctica: it's too cold there and there is no food chain.

However, many sea birds and sea mammals visit Antarctica's beaches to breed.

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In antarctica the wildlife clings to the fringes of the continent on teh whole. The wildlife ranges from many species of penguin to many cetaceans living in the rich waters off the coast of the land

There are around 3 - 4 different species in Antarctica.

Antarctica has no living species

No wildlife 'lives' on the shores of Antarctica, but many sea birds and sea mammals visit its beaches to breed.

You can find sea birds and sea mammals breeding on Antarctica's beaches, and otherwise, no animals make Antarctica their home: it's too cold and there is no food chain.

No animals live on Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain there.

no there are many other species of birds in Antarctica

There are about 4,740 different species of known frogs in the world. The United States has about 90 species. Frogs are found everywhere in the world except for Antarctica.

The related link below lists eight: click it to pick it!

over 1,300 different species of gecko, coming from every continent on earth except for Antarctica

Industry affects wildlife in many different ways, none of them good ways. Habitat encroachment, and air and water pollution destroy plants and animals, sometimes wiping out entire species.

No animals live on the Antarctic continent, although many sea birds breed on its beaches during breeding season.

Wildlife on Madagascar is prolific. There are all the world's lemurs, over 60 species, almost 50 species of bats and many other small animals.

Of the 17 known species of penguins, only two of them actually breed on Antarctica. For more information, see the related link.

In some ways yes: without the Antarctic Treaty many humans probably would have continued destroying Antarctica. However if we don't do something about global warming it might have just delayed their execution. However in the division of countries for certain parts of Antarctica there are a few countries that prohibit this and allow that, meaning animals in different parts of Antarctica are affected in different ways. All in all yes it did affect the wildlife. But for the better or the worse is up to you.

There are a million's of different species.

Yes we should exploit Antarctica, although many people think that we should conserve Antarctica as it is the last untouched and unpolluted continent, it is an extremely remote continent with no permanent residence. There is no wildlife around the centre of Antarctica therefore meaning we could easily exploit around the centre without effecting wildlife or the environment

I think we should pretect Antarctica because it is home to many unique and valuable species of animals and mammals. If someone kills just one species in Antarctica, the entire food chain/food web will die. That is all the species in Antatctica!

Yellowstone National Park was the first national park in history. It is also home to many different species of wildlife and plants.

Antarctica Tours offers many vacation packages. Antarctica Tours offers tours to the Arctic, Spitsbergen, and Antarctica. While on the tours, a person can see wildlife like penguins, walruses, and polar bears.

Generally, you can find Weddell seals and Leopard seals in the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica.

There are 15 different species of Crane, found all across the world, but for Antarctica and South America. For more details, please see the sites listed below.

Parts of Antarctica are claimed by many different countries. Australia does claim a segment of Antarctica

17. 12 cetaceans and 5 pinnipeds.

It depends on which reserve that you are talking about. However elephants, leopards, various species of deer, wolves, jackels, hyenas and many more species can be found living alongside tigers in tiger reserves