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If you exclude numbers starting with zero then the first digit must be between 1 and 9 (i.e. 9 combinations). The remaining 9 digits can be any value between 0 and 9 (i.e. 10 combinations).

So you can have 9x109 = 9,000,000,000 combinations.

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How many 6 digit numbers contain exactly different 4 digits?

There are 22680 numbers, excluding those with leading 0s.

How many 8 digit numbers are there with 3 different digits where the smallest of the 3 occur twice and the other thrice?

Excluding numbers which begin with 0, there are 67,200 of them.

How many significant digits are in exact numbers?

It is a count of all digits, excluding leading zeros before the decimal point.

United airlines ticket numbers starting digits?

United Airlines Ticket numbers starting with '016'

How many numbers can you make with the numbers 480523 and using all the numbers?

By simply re-ordering the digits, you can get 500 6-digit numbers, excluding those starting with 0. There are thousands more that can be made using mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, factorials and so on.

How many 4 digit numbers can you make with 10 digits?

Ten different digits can be used to make 10C4 = 10*9*8*7/(4*3*2*1) = 210 four-digit numbers. Either numbers starting with 0 are permitted or the 10 digits do not contain a 0.

How many different numbers can you make using 5 different digits?

89,999 different numbers i guess

How many digits does a phone number have in it?

In the US and Canada, telephone numbers have 10 digits, including the area code. Other countries use phone numbers with different numbers of digits.

How many numbers can you make from the digits 0 1 2 and 3?

24, of which 6 will begin with zero. Excluding these, gives 18.

How many different four digit number can be form by rearranging the digits in 2014?

24, if you permit numbers starting with 0, 18 otherwise.

How many 4 digit numbers can be formed from digits 123456789?

5040 different 4 digit numbers can be formed with the digits 123456789. This is assuming that no digits are repeated with each combination.

How many three digit numbers with distinct digits?

1000there aren't even 1000 three-digitnumbers...There are the digits 1 through 9 for the first digit. Then, we have 0 through 9 for the second digit - excluding the first digit. For the third digit, we have 0 through 9, excluding the two previous digits for a total of 9*9*8 =81*8 =648 three digit numbers with distinct digits.EDIT- ... to be a little more specific, if your talking about a 3-digit password or unlock code its would be 1000. _-_

What is the number which is below 40 and it is a prime number and the digits is 11?

Try different numbers who have a sum of digits equal to 11:38: Not a prime.29: This is a prime.Starting with 1: The other digit would have to be 10, so there are no further options.29.

What are 8 digit odd numbers with all digits different?

There are only five distinct odd digits.

How many digits in id number?

Different schemes have different id numbers of different lengths.

What 5 digit number has Numbers increasing from the left Each digit is different 1st and 5th digits are square numbers 1st and 4th digits are cubed numbers 2nd 3rd digits are even?

12689 14689 12489

How many different numbers can be formed with the digits 345?

Assuming you mean permutations of three digits, then the set of numbers that can be made with these digits is: 345 354 435 453 534 543 There are six possible permutations of three numbers.

How many four digits numbers can be formed using 0578?

If the digits are all different then 18. Otherwise, 192.

How many two digit numbers can you form using the digits 1235679 with repetition allowed?

You have seven different digits (symbols) to choose from, so you can form seven different one digit numbers and 7×7=72=49 different two digit numbers.

How many different numbers can you form if no digit is repeated?

The answer will depend on how many digits you have at your disposal. Working with the 10 digits, and barring leading zeros, there are 8,877,690 numbers.

How many numbers of 3 digits and less than 500 can be formed from the integers 3 4 5 and 9 if the digits must be different?

12 numbers.

How many two digit even numbers are there which have different digits?

There are 41 of them.

How many different 3 digits numbers can you write with the digits 347?

If you use each number once, there are six combinations.

What are the numbers in base 2?

Base two is also referred to as the binary number system.In the decimal system we use 10 different digits (0 to 9) to represent numbers. However, all numbers in binary consist of a combination of only 2 different digits; a "0" and/or a "1".All numbers can be represented using only these 2 digits.

Why is 1.75 different than 1.34?

They are different numbers, with two out of the three digits different in them. There is a difference of 0.41 between them.