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Q: How many different types of leak detectors HVAC?
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Where could someone review different brake line leak detectors?

There are a few places where one can review different brake line leak detectors. This includes sites such as 'Leak Busters', 'Thermal Pentair' and 'Primayer'.

What type of leaks can a leak detector be used to find?

Leak detectors can be used to find any kind of leak. Whether it be, refrigerant, oil, fuel, hydraulic, water or even a gas leak. Just make sure to use the right type of leak detector. Electronic leak detectors are used to find small leaks, whereas most other leak detectors are used to find gas leaks.

When you turn the heat on in your 2002 dodge ram it smells what could be the cause of this problem?

Leaking heater core, debris in the HVAC box, oil leak under hood, etcLeaking heater core, debris in the HVAC box, oil leak under hood, etc

What does an ultrasonic leak detector do?

Ultrasonic leak detectors, are also referred to as acoustic gas leak detection systems. They are designed to detect gas leakage at outside facilities.

What is the smallest refrigerant leak that an electronic leak detector should be capable of detecting?

most modern electronic leak detectors these days can detect up to 0.05oz/y which equals to roughly 1.5grams/year Check for brands such as Inficon, Fieldpiece, Yellowjacket, Bacharach, CPS. Most of their leak detectors sensitivity vary from 0.1oz/y to 0.05oz/y

What has the author Charles D Ehrlich written?

Charles D. Ehrlich has written: 'NIST measurement services' -- subject(s): Calibration, Gas detectors, Leak detectors

What are some companies that sell water leak detectors for industrial purpose?

Companies selling industrial water leak detectors include Doranlen Products, Inc. (Wisconsin), FloodMaster LLC (Connecticut), Invetex Corporation (Alabama), and Hydro-Temp Inc. (Washington).

Why does your car give off heat when you accelerate?

You may need a check valve in the vacuum supply line feeding the HVAC system or you have a vacuum leak in the HVAC system.

Is there such thing as a Natural gas leak detector?

Yes there are several forms of natural gas leak detectors. # natural gas is an oderless gas, but if it is coming from a supplier of nat. gas an oderant is added for safety, it smells like rotten eggs! so you can use your nose. # there are liguid leak detectors that when sprayed on the fittings & pipes that carry the gas will bubble to aid in locating the leak. # there are electronic leak detectors for nat. gas they range in price from $100.00 to $500.00 * you can call a heating & air conditioning contractor that will find the leak for you then repair it as well, if you like you can ask the service tech. to show you the leak using the liquid detector that way you will know there is a leak and not just him making the electronic detector "sing".

What has the author Vern E Bean written?

Vern E. Bean has written: 'NIST measurement services' -- subject(s): Calibration, Leak detectors, Gas detectors, Pressure-gages

Will a vacuum line leak keep the air condition from cooling on a 1995 s10?

Some of the HVAC controls are vacuum operated so, yes a vacuum leak could effect the cooling.

What stores sell gas leak detectors for consumer use?

A consumer can purchase a gas leak detector at their nearest Sears store. They can also purchase them online at Amazon and a professional equipment website.