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There are diseases, syndromes, disorders, etc.

The question may mean something like: Is there a count of pathological configurations?

Well, there is a lower bound, given by a count of all such pathologies published, taking account of potential duplications.

Perhaps surprisingly, there is also an upper bound, given by (a modification of) the product of the number of "pathologically susceptible artifacts", e.g. tissue, genes, cells, etc. and the modes of pathologies, e.g. necrosis, neoplasm, atrophy, etc.

One can, in principle, create a disease whether or not it has been observed: chose a chromosome, then select a locus, replace a constituent, let us say replace a carbon atom (or a larger species, as you like) with, say "nothing". We have a defect described as a missing carbon on the gene in question. The hard part is determining what the signs, symptoms and remediation would be.

So we have an estimate of perhaps 10^34 "diseases" possible in modern homo sapiens, of which on the order of 10^5 have been described (cf. ICD-10), and of which perhaps on 10^7 or 10^8 would be reasonably considered to be "diseases".

What is 10^34 ?? the value? what is the meaning of the symbol ^?

Another approachAccording to scientist Raymond Francis, there is only one disease. However, there are 2 causes (deficiency and toxicity) and 6 pathways.

Scientists working for pharmaceutical companies dream up names of new diseases and lists of symptoms every day of the year. This in no way means there are millions of diseases; only that they can now patent a chemical to be marketed as a panacea or "cure" for that targeted "disease" -- that is, until enough people are harmed or killed by the drug and it is finally taken off the market. More than three out of four Americans have a diagnosable chronic disease.

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Q: How many diseases are in the world?
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