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How many dogs are there in the US?

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there are 50 types of dogs in us

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There are 17 million overweight dogs in the US.

Dogs help us in many ways. They are watch dogs, guide dogs, protective dogs, and most importantly make great companions.

There are too much dogs in us key cities.

About 15,000 dogs and cats are living in shelters across the US.

There are millions of stray dogs. There are probably about 1-3 million stray dogs.

there are about 73 million Dogs in the us

There are probably over 1,000,000 dogs needing a home. There are many shelters around that can house over 500 dogs each, and there are also many stray dogs.

According to the US Census Bureau - 2006, 36,500,000 dogs in California

72,114,000 is the number of how many people have dogs as their pets just in the US

Well there are 73 million dogs in the u.S. If that helps any.

between millions and billions!!

i dont exactly know how many animals there in the US. But i do know that there are over 50 millions dogs in the US.

Somewhere around 50 million.

There is no specific statistic or sensus about the quantity of these dogs.

dogs can cheer us up by licking us and cuddling with us if we are sick.

It depends on where you live if you live in Flint, Michigan you can have 4 dogs if you live in NY you can have 3 dogs.Thx,WildComet on Horse Isle 1

well, a lot, more than 7,000

All i know is less than cats. More people own cats instead of dogs.

No one can answer this for sure as dogs cannot speak to us. But many dogs can be trained and once they are, their power of recall for certain tasks lasts many many years.

According to AVMA (market research), there are approximately 72,114,000 households that have dogs as pets in the U.S.

The Romans had the basic domestic type pets the same as us. They tolerated cats and the cats tolerated them. They definitely had dogs but many of their dogs were working dogs such as guard dogs, hunting dogs, and patrol dogs. The Romans seemed to be very fond of birds as pets as there are many mentions of birds both in poetry and in prose.

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