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Who knows? Some are unknown.....

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What dynastey lasted the longest in medieval china?

the longest dynasty was the Zhou

Powerful family that took power set up a hereditary dynastey in the Muslim empire?


How many people are in China?

The population {number of people} in China is 13. Billion!!how many people does china have

How many stars a there on china flag?

how many stars are there on the china flag

Where did many of the plains Indians come from?

china china

How many villages are there in China?

934,753,678 villages are in China...

Who many volcanoes in China?

there are 67 volcanoes i china

How many territories does China have?

126 territories in China

How many provinces are in China?

23 provinces are in China.

How many states in china?

there are 36 states in China

How Many Cities in China?

There are about 661 cities in China.

How many Starbucks in China?

There are 10 Starbucks in China

How many magazines are available in China?

magazine in china

How many seasons in China?

there are 4 seasons in China

How many McDonald in china?

There are 1125 McDonald in china

How many temples are in China?

there are 467 temples in china

How many national parks are in china?

There are 5 in china

How many districts are in china?

There are 11 districts in China.

Who many rivers in china?

there are 4 rivers in china

Where do most people live in china city or country?

there is no china city... china is a country And there are many cities in China......

How many cm is the Great Wall of China?

how many cm are in the great wall of china

How many people are there in China?

around 1,330,044,544 (in 2008)how many people does china have1,500,000,000,000

How many are you allowed in china?

"How many" you're allowed in China only depends on what the project is.

What country are sloths from?

china china china The Americas, the African Continent, and many islands.

How many pandas are there in China?

Theres less then 1000 in china & only 15 out of china.

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