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How many earth Years is one Saturn Year?


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One year on Saturn is 26 earth years.

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1 Saturn year is equal to 29 earth years.

1 year on Saturn ( the time to orbit the Sun) is about 29.5 Earth years.

That is how many Earth years it takes for Saturn to go around the Sun once.

A Saturn year is equivalent to 29.7 Earth years. It takes Saturn 10,832 earth days to complete a single orbit around the sun.

Saturn does not orbit the Earth. Saturn and Earth orbit the Sun. Earth takes about 1 year to do so and Saturn takes about 29 years and 6 months to do so.

The planet Saturn orbits the Sun once in 29.7 Earth years, or 1 Saturn year.

Saturn goes around the sun once every Saturn Year, and that is only once every 29.46 Earth Years.

About 30 Earth years. 29.657296 Earth years. It takes Saturn 29.657296 Earth years to orbit the sun once.

A year on Saturn lasts about 10,759 Earth days (29.46 Earth years). Using the average length of a "day" on Saturn of 10 hours, 34 minutes (time for rotation outside the equatorial zone), this is about 24,491 Saturn days.

I know that a revolution on saturn is 29.5 Earth years so there would be about 10,767.5 Earth days but I didnt calculate leap years and other things like that but... I hope this helped! :)

It takes almost 30 Earth years for Saturn to go around the sun once. So, 1 year on Saturn = 29.6 years on Earth. When you turn 29 and a half, Saturn will be back in the same place it was the day you were born!

A Saturnian day is 0.44 Earth days long and It year is 29.45 Earth years long. So Duing one orbital period Saturn has about 24,440 sunrises.

It takes about 29.5 Earth years for Saturn to orbit the sun once. 10,768 Earth days is the nearest estimate.

Saturn: Size (Earth=1) 9.45 Mass (Earth=1) 95 Rotation Period (days)(Earth=1) 0.44 Orbital Period (years) 29.46

At its furthest Saturn can be as far as 0.000175 light years(1.66 *109 km) from the Earth (175/1000000 of a l.y.)At its closes Saturn can be as near as 0.000172 light years(1.51 *109 km) from the Earth

Around 29 and a half Earth years for Saturn to orbit the Sun.

30 years(in Apollo spacecrafts)

Saturn takes 10,759.22 Earth days to make one orbit of the Sun.

For Saturn to complete one revolution around the Sun of our solar system, it takes 10759 Earth days.

a year on Jupiter is 11 Earth years

good question but sorry i cant answer that

The amount of time it takes to get from Saturn to Earth depends on the route that is taken. Voyager 1 reached Saturn in three years, two months. Cassini took a different route and reached the planet in two years and four months.

765 earth fit in saturn

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