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It depends on the species.

The average female cockroach can lay around 30-40 eggs at once.

However the German Cockroach can lay around 40-50 eggs at once.

A female cockroach can lay eggs up to eight times before it dies. That's a total of around 300-400 eggs in one female cockroach's lifetime.

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Q: How many eggs does a cockroach lay at once?
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Why does female cockroach lay so many eggs?

Higher Survival Rates.

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How many eggs does a Cockroach lay?

It lays up to 16 to 50 in a egg case.

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yes. about 200 at a time

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Yes they do and a lot of them!

How many eggs does a german cockroach lay?

German cockroaches lay between thirty to forty eggs at a time. The female carries the eggs inside a single egg capsule.

Does female cockroach lay eggs?

Yes they will lay egg. Mostly female cockroach will fly. It is more active than male.

Can a female Madagascar hissing cockroach lay eggs without a male?

She does not lay eggs and she can not have nymphs without a male

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Cockroaches have many natural predators. These include toads, frogs, iguanas, beetles, and geckos. Some types of wasps also lay their eggs on cockroach eggs, which then feed on the cockroach eggs.

How many eggs does a cockroach lay each time?

im not sure but they taste pretty good

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so if some don't succeed they will have others

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because they are male.

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No a cockroach lays it's eggs under ground (Maybe in your kitchen)!! LOL !!

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A frog can lay up 30 eggs at 1 time!

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Moray eels lay about 27,000 - 28,000 eggs.

How many eggs can a hissing Madagascar cockroach lay?

Hissing Madagascar cockroaches do not lay eggs. However one of my mother hissers gave birth to 14 live nymphs this morning.

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Hamsters don't lay eggs. Only reptiles do.

What is the difference between cockroach and grasshopper life cycle?

cockroaches lay their eggs in eggcases or eggpouches while grasshoppers lay their eggs in the soil.