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Q: How many eggs is needed to make crepes?
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How many eggs are needed to make egg salad sandwiches to feed 50 people?

60 eggs

How many eggs do you need to make a sweet potato pie?

Maybe One Or Two Eggs Are Needed !

How many eggs are needed to makea cake using the chocalate cake recipe?

Two eggs are needed

How many eggs are needed to make the cake using this recipe?

Please specify the recipe. Most call for 3 to 5 eggs, usually.

How many crepes are consumed in Paris everyday?

Approximately 162,937,222 crepes are consumed each day in Paris, Texas.

How many eggs are needed for scrambled egg?

It depends on how many your cooking for usually 2 eggs per person.

Eggs are packed in boxes of 6 how many boxes are needed for 350 eggs?

59 Boxes

How many medium eggs are needed to fill a cup?


How many eggs equal a pound in a pound cake?

Well many eggs are needed It depends what eggs they are If they are chicken eggs then you will need more than if they were goose eggs So that's your answer xD

How many eggs make a dozen?

12 12 eggs make a dozen.

How many eggs does a female anole lizard lay?

up to 4000 eggs per day if needed

How many eggs will be needed to make enough ice cream to feed everyone one serving?

it depends on how many people eating it and how big there servings want to be

How many days needed to hatch pigeon eggs?

16 days

How many calories in 2 crepes?

Roughly 300 kcal

How many eggs will it take to feed 150 people?

That depends on how many eggs you allow per portion. If you allow 1 egg each, then 150 eggs, if you allow two eggs then 300 eggs would be needed.

It takes 50 eggs to bake 90 cakes using a large commercial bakery's recipe how many eggs will be needed to bake 400 cakes?

222 eggs as 50 divided by 90= 0.55- so that is 0.55 eggs for one cake then times 0.55 by 400 and you get 222.22 -so that's 222.22 eggs for 400 cakes so you round it down to 222 eggs = 222 eggs are needed to make 400 cakes

How many eggs to make chocolate cake?

its takes 3 eggs to make a chocolate cake!!!

What ingredients are needed to make a breakfast burrito?

There are many ingredients one needs to make a breakfast burrito. To make a breakfast burrito one needs ingredients such as tortillas, eggs, cheese, and vegetables.

How many small eggs do you need to make a large egg?

how many small eggs do I need to make a large egg in a reciepe

How many eggs will make 2 cups of egg whites?

18 eggs

How many eggs make 250 grams?

That is approximately 4 large eggs

How many eggs do you need to make a half dozen of sugar cookies?

how many eggs in half a dozen

How many eggs would you need to make omelets for 6 people if you use 6 eggs to make omelets for 4 people?

9 eggs

Why do animals that externally fertilize make lots of eggs?

because their are to many eggs! x

How many eggs make two pounds and four ounces?

That is 18.7 large eggs