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There are 8 eighths in 1 cup so half of 8 is 4. 4 eighth cups = half a cup.

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Q: How many eighth cups do you need to make half a cup?
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How many one eighth of a cup equals two and a half cups?

There are 20 one eighth cup measures in two and a half cups.8 eighth cups = 1 cup times 2 = 2 cups plus 4 eighth cups (half of eight is 4) = 2 1/2 cups.

3 half cups make how many cups?


An eighth of a pint equals how many cups?

2 cups = 1 pint an eighth of 2 is .25 an eighth of a pint is .25 cups

How many half cups make up a pint of ice cream?

4 half cups

How many cups make 2 and half liter?

That is 11.023 cups

How many cups make half a pint?


How many cups are in four and one eighth gallon?

that is 66 cups.

How many cups of blueberries make 2 half-pints?

One cup is a half pint. 2 cups is 2 half pints.

How many 0.5 cups make 3.4 cup?

3.4/0.5 = 6.8 half-cups in 3.4 cups

How many cups of milk in half gallon of milk?

Seeing as how there are 4 cups in a quart. And there are two quarts in a half gallon.That would make 8 cups in a half gallon.

How many twelfths to make one eighth?

3 twelfths

How many half cups are in a pint?

4 half cups

How many half cups are in a half of a gallon?

16 half cups in half a gallon

How many half cups in ten liters?

84.54 half-cups.

How many half cups are in 2 quarts?

16 half cups

Three and a half cups of confectioners sugar is equal to how many cups of regullar sugar?

three and a half cups three and a half cups

18 ounces of chocolate chips equals how many cups?

Two and one-eighth cups

How many counts does an eighth note get?

An eighth note is worth half a beat.

How many one eighth's are in half?


How many cups make 1 kg?

equivalent to one litre..i think about 4 cups and half of water

How many cups in 1 quart of half and half cream?

6 cups

How many cups equals 9 oz of half and half?

That is 1.125 cups

How many cups are in one half gal?

8 cups are about half a gallon.

How many cups make 2 and a half quarts?

10 cups 1 quart = 4 cups 1 cup = 0.25 quart

How many cups are in a galon and a half?

24 cups