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8 electrons (except for helium which has 2)

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Elements like barium located toward the bottom of a group have a lower attraction for their valence electrons because they have a

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Q: How many electrons does noble gases have in the outer shell?
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How many outer shell electrons do the noble gases have?

All of the noble gases have filled s- and p-orbitals, giving them 8 outer shell electrons.

Which of the noble gases DOES NOT have an octet of electrons in its outer shell?


Why do noble gases not readily react with other elements?

The outer shell of electrons in noble gases is full.

How many electrons noble gases have there outer shell?

Each noble gas has an 'octet' of electrons, meaning a full outer shell of 8 electrons, except for Helium which only needs 2 electrons to fill the outer shell.

How many valence electrons are present in noble gases?

Noble gases do not like giving up electrons. There are 2 electrons in the outer shell of helium and 8 electrons in the outer shell of the other noble gases (group 18 of the periodic table), representing filled shells.

Why do noble gases not normally form compounds?

Noble gases have a full outer shell, meaning that they have no valence electrons and have 8 electrons in their outer shell. If the outer shell is full they do not need electrons, so they would not want to bond with another element to form a compound.

Do noble gases have a maximum number of electrons in their outer energy level?

Yes they do, because, for example, neon has 2 electrons in its inner shell and 8 on its outer shell; these shells are both full. Helium, the lightest of the noble gases, has only 2 electrons, but that completes it only shell. All the other noble gases have 8 electrons in their outer shell, which is a stable arrangement.

What is the relationship between the number of outer shell electron configuration for the noble gases?

All noble gases have completely filled outer shell with 8 electrons (only helium has 2 valence electrons)

How many electrons do noble gases have in their outer shell?

The outermost shell of any noble gas is completely filled. And because of this, we can say that they have 8 electrons in their outer shells, with the exception of helium, which has 2 electrons in its outer shell.

Which family of elements contains 8 electrons in the outer shell?

Noble Gases.

Why are noble gas nonreactive?

Having the outer shell of electrons filled noble gases are very stable.

Why helium has 2 electrons inspite of being a noble gas?

The innermost shell contains a maximum of 2 electrons, therefore like the other noble gases, it has a full outer shell. The other noble gases all have eight in their outer shells.

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