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700,000 employees as of 2006

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Q: How many employees work for the US Postal Service?
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What do Nearly one-third of all nonmilitary federal employees work for?

the US postal service

Do mailman work on Christmas?

Yes. U.S. Postal Service employees do deliver Express Mail on Christmas.

How many civilian employees work for the Federal Government?

According to the Department of Labor's web site, "With more than 1.8 million civilian employees, the Federal Government, excluding the Postal Service is the Nation's largest employer."

Does the Postal Service work on Weekends?

On Saturdays, yes.

What is the work of postal assistant?

A postal assistant sorts every letter by every area, and then they have to register each one. They are found in different areas of the postal service, but many of them carry mail like a mail carrier or they work in the postal office.

How many employees work at Porsche?

2000+ service technicians in the US, maybe 400+ service writersin the US, salesman i have no idea?

Can postal employees hold elected office?

Sure, if they can fit the duties of the office around their work duties.

How many employees work at Wendy's?

2,000 employees work at wendy's.

Who is responsible for creating a tolerant work environment to reduce discrimination?

The employees and service users

Does the postal service work on Christmas Eve?

Yes, it does in the UK anyway until 1PM

How expensive is it to utilize customer service outsourcing rather than your own employees?

The exspense is all dependent on how many employees you have. The fewer the employees you have, the less it would cost for you to keep them on your payroll. A company with 100+ in house employees may consider outsourcing customer service positions to countries where employees may work for less.

How many employees work at McDonalds in India?

300 employees

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