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Post Offices

A post office is the facility where mail is handled, sorted and delivered. At a post office you can send a package, buy stamps, apply for a passport, buy a money order and much more.

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Is the post office open on Good Friday?

Yes. Good Friday is a religious holiday that is not recognized as a Federal Holiday. Banks and post offices will be open. ...
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Is the post office closed Patriot's Day in Massachusetts?

No, the post office is open on Patriot's Day (because it is not a Federal holiday). ...
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Why are post offices important?

they sort and deliver mail!
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What does parcel received awaiting coll mean?

It means it's been received but it's still in a pile of other articles that are waiting to be sorted out for distribution (collated). ...
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What Are the hours of the Honolulu Airport Post Office?

Mon-Fri 7:30am-8:00pm Sat 8:00am-4:00pm Sun Closed
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Where is the first post office in KERALA?

The first post office in Kerala is at Alappuzha.
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Can you still send a telegram at the post office?

<aclass="h2headingh2"style="color:rgb(0,0,0);"name="Telegram">Telegram</a> Telegrams were sent by wire, the Postal Service does not wire except for dinero seguro Certainly. Well, in Ireland it is still possible anyway! In the UK (and the rest of the world) you can order your telegram on TelegramsOnline ( Even telegrams to ships are possible on In USA you can still send a telegram or mailgram, but not at the post office. You have to call (800) 995-1844 or send it through iTelegram ( Also you can send telegram with ...
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When is the word post office capitalized?

when you say the full name like for example, Marietta Post Office or P.O box (post office box) ...
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What holidays is the post office closed?

The Post Office is closed on the following Holidays: January 1 - New Year's Day Third Monday in January - Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday Third Monday in February - President's Day May 31 - Memorial Day July 4 - Independence Day First Monday in September - Labor Day Second Monday in October - Columbus Day November 11 - Veterans Day Fourth Thursday in November - Thanksgiving Day December 25 - Christmas Day ...
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Was the post office open on Monday Jan 2 2012?

Not in the UK, 2nd Jan 2012 is a Bank Holiday. Monday, January 2, 2012 - Day after New Year's (observed) Not open. ...
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What is the postal code for Leicester UK?

The postcodes for Leicester, the city, begin LE. LE1 is central Leicester but the surrounding towns and villages also have LE, eg Syston is LE7 ...
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What is the payscale of a post office employee?

The USPS has competitive basic pay rates. Postal Service employees receive regular salary increases, overtime pay, night shift differential, and Sunday premium pay. ...
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Can you make a photocopy at the post office?

Yes, most offer a photocopying service.
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Is there mail delivery on July 4 2011?

no- not in the United States since it's Independence Day .
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Is the US Post Office open on the 26 of November?

Of course. It isn't a holiday.
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How much postage to mail a letter from US to India?

Postage is 98 cents for an 1-oz. letter.
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What does it mean 'return to sender not deliverable as addressed unable to forward'?

Mail undeliverable at address given; no change-of-address order on file; forwarding order expired; forwarding postage not guaranteed by sender or addressee; or, mail endorsed with sender's instructions DO NOT FORWARD. i.e. I would summarize/assume that the address was incorrect, expired, etc. Try to contact the person/office/business whom you tried to send this to and obtain the correct address. p.s. Return to sender means that the letter was returned to you or the person [address] who sent it [the sender]. ...