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As far as I know there's only 26.

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How many episodes of dnangel are there?

There are 28 episodes in DN angel

Is there any anime like dn angel?

Yes there is an anime DN Angel, you could watch it at

How many episodes does Angel Beats have?

"Angel Beats!" has 13 episodes .

What is meant by the phrase DN Angel?

DN Angel is a Japanese Magna series which is also an anime on television. The actual phrase DN Angel is a play on words, it is supposed to represent the DNA that Daisuke has that causes him to turn into some evil object.

How many episodes were they in angel season 1?

In Angel, season one, is 22 episodes.

What is the rabbit's name on DN Angel?

His name is WITH.

Will there be a DN Angel II?

At this point, probably not.

Is there a dn angel season too?

Sorry no. :(

When will DNAngel season 2 come out?

If you are talking about the anime, there will not be a season 2. The anime of DN Angel is a total of 26 episodes and there are no plans to make a second season.

How many episodes of angel blade are there?

there are 6 episodes altogether

How many books are there for DN angel?

It has made 13 volumes, with volume 14 coming out soon.

Where can you find volume 6 of DN angel?


How does dn angel end?

The manga for dn Angel has not yet ended, for the anime however, both dark and krad leave daisuke and satoshi for good after the final battle.

How many Touched By An Angel episodes were there?

There were 212 episodes throughout the series.

How many episodes are in angel tales?

There are 13 Episodes & 7 (11 parts) OVA Episodes

Which anime is like kamikaze kaitou jeanne?

Dn Angel

How many episodes in cheeky angel?

110 episodes in all FIVE seasons

Who wrote dn angel?

"D.N.Angel" is both written and illustrated by Yukiru Sugisaki .

Where can you download episodes of angel?

Hi edogo is the best way to you . you can download angel episodes .

It there a DN Angel anime movie?

Sorry but no, although it is a very interesting anime show!

Songs that have the words end light?

true light Its the beginig song of DN Angel

What are some good comedy anime?

I think that the best comedy anime's are these : .PaniPoni Dash .Karin .Elemental gelade .DN angel .Tokyo Mew Mew . Mayo chiki .Yuri Yuri ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- they are all amazing i watched them all , on youtube u can watch all episodes of DN angel , and on and u can watch all these ! , for me the most funny 1's are paniponi dash , Karin and elemental gelade .

Who is Vic Mignogna?

he is a voice actor for many animes including, (if you know these) full metal alchemist, DN Angel, Dragon Ball Z, and so many more ----

What are some animes you can watch?

Bleach, Naruto, Fruits Basket INuyasha, Code Geass, full moon, blood plus and Dn Angel are a few anime you can watch 72(3 and a half episodes) minutes of on for free

What are the names of some manga that are about angels?

Angel Sanctuary Neon Genesis Evangelion Battle Angel Alita Last Order DN Angel Fallen Angels Ark Angels Angel's Coffin Angel at War