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That is difficult to determine. Records of F1 tornadoes before the 1980s are unreliable as many tornadoes that would likely be rated F1 were missed. The only extensive published work from before 1950 only lists F1 tornadoes if they result in a fatality, and killer F1's are rare.
Since 1950 Florida has recorded 846 F1 tornadoes.

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About 65 tornadoes hit Florida each year. And most of the time they're usually F0 or F1 tornadoes.

Yes. Tornadoes occur throughout Florida and Jacksonville is no exception. Quite a few tornadoes have struck Jacksonville, though must have been of F0 and F1 intensity.

This actually did happen at least once. On May 12, 1997 Miami, Florida was hit by an F1 tornado. There was moderate damage to trees and buildings. Fortunately strong tornadoes are rare in Florida.

Offical record show that 34 tornadoes have hit Tampa since official records began in 1950. Most of these have been F0 and F1 storms.

About 25% of tornadoes are rated F1.

Yes, there was at least one tornado in Miami, Florida in 1997. It was rated F1.

Records indicate that an F1 tornado hit in or near Freehold on August 10, 1952. Tornadoes can strike anywhere in New Jersey.

Since official records began in 1950 Excelsior Springs has been hit by two tornadoes; both rated F1. The first was on March 15, 1955 and the second was on November 27, 2005.

Very likely, yes. Vancouver was hit by an F1 tornado in 2008.

There were 30 confirmed tornadoes in California in 2005, all rated F0 or F1.

Since official record began in 1950 up through 2013 there have been 2,257 recorded tornadoes in Illinois. The number of actual tornadoes is likely much higher, as in the earlier part of this period, most F0 and F1 tornadoes were missed.

There were 945 tornadoes confirmed in the U.S. in 1974. However, the actual number of tornadoes was porbably much higher as back then we still missed many of the F0 and F1 tornadoes.

The actual average number of tornadoes in the U.S. per year is closer to 1,300. About 27% of tornadoes in the U.S. are rated F1 (EF1 as of 2007), which works out to about 270 out of every 1,000 tornadoes or 350 out of every 1,300.

Since official record keeping began in 1950 there have been 229 tornadoes recorded in Arizona. The true figure may be higher than this as in the earlier part of this period the majority of weak (F0 and F1) tornadoes were likely missed.

Hurricane Hugo produce 3 tornadoes. 2 rated F1 and 1 rated F0.

Yes. High point was hit by an F1 tornado in 1957 and an EF3 tornado in 2010.

About 89% of tornadoes are rated as weak (F0 or F1).

Yes, though not often. The southern end of Ocean city was hit by an F1 tornado on November 9, 1962.

No. As with just about all place most tornadoes in Minnesota are rated F0. F1 is the next most common rating.

An area the size of a city is too small for any comprehensive tornado statistics. Miami itself has been hit by tornadoes as strong as F1 while areas not far from the city have had tornadoes up to F3 strength. This means that while strong tornadoes have not struck the city in recent history, it can still happen. As with all areas, most tornadoes in Florida are weak with strong ones occurring less frequently.

Tornadoes can hit anywhere in New Jersey. There number of reports appears to be a bit higher along the coast and lower in the south central part of the state, but this is likely a result of differences in population density, as weak (F0 and F1) tornadoes, which account for most tornadoes, are sometimes missed in less densely populated areas.

Yes. Tornadoes do occur in Washington and Oregon. However, tornadoes stronger than F1 are rare.

Yes. Miami was hit by an F1 tornado in 1997. Ft. Lauderdale has been hit by a number of tornadoes, including an F3 in 1965.

Since 1950 there have been 3,288 confirmed tornadoes in Oklahoma. The number of actual tornadoes is probably higher as most weak tornadoes (F0 and F1) were not recorded in the earlier years.

Based on records from 1991-2012 (for which we have accurate tornado records) Arkansas averages 40 tornadoes per year. From all official records, which go back to 1950, Arkansas has had 1,680 recorded tornadoes. This works out to a lower annual average, but prior to the 1990s, a large portion of F0 and F1 tornadoes, which account for about 80% of tornadoes in Arkansas, were missed.

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