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How many feather does an average chicken have?

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A typical chicken may have about 8000

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How much does a chicken feather weight?

The average feather weighs 0.00125 lbs. It takes approx. 800 feathers to make 1 pound.

What is the body structure of a chicken?

feather to make a fried chicken

What are the characteristics of a chicken?

Feather colour

What do you get when you cross a chicken with a cat?

a peering feather

On which side of a chicken are the most feather?


How do you protect and store a feather boa?

On the back of a chicken.

How much does an average feather weigh?

an average feather weighs about .4677790. --.4677790 what? Needs a unit of measurement!

How much does a feather weigh?

The average weight of a feather is - .00125 pounds.

What is the difference about every chicken?

they all have diffrent feather paterns

What is the weight of a feather?

The weight of a feather will vary depending on what type of feather that you are weighing. Your average run of the mill goose feather weighs .00125 pounds.

How many eggs does the average chicken lay per year?

The average chicken lays around 300 eggs per year

How many cm long the adult chicken is?

The average male chicken is about 40 cm long!

How many calories is a 5 piece chicken nuggets?

The average 5-piece chicken nugget meal is about 220-250 calories, on average.

How many ounces in a chicken salad?

You can have as many ounces as you like in chicken salad. I would say the average is about 10 ounces.

How many calories in Chicken Madras?

there is approximately 600 calories per average serving in a chicken madras

How many cans of Campbell's chicken noddle soup can be made from one average sized chicken?


How many grams of protein is chicken breast?

About 30-40 grams in each chicken breast on average.

What breed is the feather headed chicken?

There are several. The silkie and polish hens are two of them.

What book is the story The Feather Fillow written in by Horacio Quiroga?

The Decapitated Chicken

How many chicken breasts to a pound?

On average - three or four.

How many cups of fresh chicken breast equals 100 grams?

One average chicken breast equal to how many grams?

How many chicken tenders equals 100 gms?

The average chicken tender is a little over 50 grams. Two average sized chicken tenders would equal about 100 grams.

How much does a feather weigh in grams?

A Guinea Fowl feather weighs on average 0.56699 grams.

How many feathers in a feather pillow?

There are many feathers in a feather pillow!

How many eggs on average does the average White Leghorn chicken lay in a year?

about 300 eggs