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Q: How many former Florida state university players are currently in the nfl?
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How many Former University of Florida players are currently in the NFL?

Emmit smith and jack youngblood but i don't know any others

How many former Auburn University players are currently in the NFL?


How many former University of Alabama Football players are currently in the NFL?


How many former Florida State University players have won a super bowl?


How many current or former University of Florida football players have been arrested?

Type your answer here... 122

How many former University of Kentucky players currently play professional basketball?

How many type of service in hotel and restaurant

How many FSU players are in the NFL Hall of fame?

How many former FSU players are currently playing in the NFL in 2009?

List the names of former University of Miami football players currently in the NFL?

NFL Players who Attended University of Miami - If you go to this data base and choose the players who played through 2006 there are about 40 of them. I think the most of any university. the guy who wrote this a retard.

How many former Tennessee Volunteers football players play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, the Steelers have two players that attended the University of Tennessee. Offensive tackles Ramon Foster and Chris Scott.

How many current players from USC are in the NFL now?

The University of Southern California Trojans has one of the most recognizable college football teams in the country. There are currently 53 former USC players in the NFL.

How many former Texas aggie players are currently in the nfl?


How many Ohio state players are in the NFL?

There are currently 32 former players from the Ohio State Buckeyes in the NFL.