How many gallons makes 32cups?


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32 cups is two gallons.

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By unit of volume and conversion ,we can say that 1 gallon=16 cup 2 gallon =32 cup

Gallons of what? Yes, it makes a difference.

Five gallons is 18.93 liters.

It depends on what material makes the gallons and it's specific gravity.

770 US gallons is about 2915L

Six quarts makes one and one half gallons.

In the US, 28.3 liters makes about 7.5(7.476069) gallons.

Question makes no sense.

0.83267384 Imperial gallons makes 1 US gallon, so 104.08423 (125 x 0.83267384) Imperial gallons make 125 US gallons

1 cubic foot = 7.48051945 US gallons nitrogen or mercury it makes no difference

Pounds can't be converted to gallons. Pounds measure mass, while gallons measure volume.

Florida makes 1.5 billion gallons a Day!! (yeah I know that's alot!)

The answer depends entirely on your gas mileage. If you're riding a moped that makes 75mpg, you'll need about 6.5 gallons. If you're driving an American muscle car that makes 10mpg, you'll need 48.5 gallons. Divide 485 by your gas mileage to find how many gallons you'll need.

252 quarts make 63 gallons

To figure out how many 32 cups makes into quarts, you need to know some kitchen measurement conversions. I have memorized that there are 4 cups in a quart. Therefore, I would take the number--32cups, and divide by 4 to find out that there would be eight quarts, if you had 32 cups.

The question makes no sense. It is like asking how many gallons make a foot.

Milliliters and gallons are both measures of volume where 1 US gallons = 3785.41178913203 milliliters 1 Imperial gallons = 4546.09188687303 milliliters Converting grams per ml to gallons makes no sense.

The ratio is 1 part syrup to 5 parts water. 5 gallons of syrup makes 30 gallons of coke. 30 gallons is 113.562 liters.

Liters and gallons are both volume measurements where 1 US gallons = 3.78541178913203 liters 1 Imperial gallons = 4.54609188687303 liters This question makes no sense.

You are mixing your units. Meters are length and gallons are volume. But if you meant "liter" instead of meter, then it makes sense. There are 94,635.3 liters in 25,000 gallons (for a US liquid gallon).

The answer will depend on 5.8 WHAT? Pints, litres, gallons? Some other measure?

There are 42 gallons of crude oil per barrel and that makes about 19 gallons of gas.

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