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3.4 gallons

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2011-08-12 19:11:22
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Q: How many gallons of gas does a 1998 Suzuki motorcycle marauder hold?
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How much fork oil goes in a 1998 suzuki 800 marauder?

need question asked on a 1998 suzuki 800 marauder how much fork oil needed

Will the exhaust from a 1999 suzuki marauder fit the 1998 marauder?

yeah but it depends on if the exaust has been altered

Oil change 1998 Suzuki Marauder 800?

Yes, you should change it.

How many quarts of oil does a 1998 Suzuki Marauder vz800 hold?


Where do you check radiator fluid on a suzuki marauder?

On a Marauder VZ800 (1998), remove the black cap (triangle shap) on the right side at the front. There you can fill radiator fluid.

What is the fuel capacity for 1998 suzuki esteem?

13.5 gallons of fuel!!!

Where can you get a wiring diagram for a suzuki marauder 125 year 2000?

The Haynes Service and Repair Manual ISBN 1844252787 has the wiring diagrams for GZ 125 Marauders from 1998 to 2005.

What is the paint colour code for a 1998 suzuki Bandit N1200 motorcycle colour dark green?

Y7G Dark British Racing Green Metallic

When was Suzuki Jimny created?

Suzuki Jimny was created in 1998.

When was Motorcycle Superstore created?

Motorcycle Superstore was created in 1998.

Does a 1998 suzuki intruder 1400 have a choke on it?

If you're talking about the motorcycle, yes; it's on the left side, just under the lower edge of the tank, between the two cylinders.

How do you charge a battery of a 1998 suzuki marauder 800?

On the back right side pop the passenger foot peg down and insert the key into the slot. Turn the key to pop off the seat and then remove the insert under the seat. The battery is under that.

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