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Q: How many gallons of hot water and steam are expelled during each eruption in the old faithful?
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What is the molten rock that is expelled by a volcano during an eruption?

Magma; lava

Most abundant gas expelled during a volcanic eruption?

Water Vapor

What do you call material blown out during a volcanic eruption?

Pyroclastic material is what is blown out during a volcanic eruption. The amount of pyroclastic material expelled depends on the size of the volcano.

What is matter such as magma and rocks forcibly expelled from a volcano vent during an eruption called?


What is a volcanic ejection?

Any material expelled during an eruption is volcanic ejection. This material is typically rock, debris, and ash from explosions, and lava and cinder rock from eruptions.

How did Old Faithful get to Wyoming?

Old Faithful is located in northwestern Wyoming as part of a geothermal area, the Upper Geyser Basin, located in Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin were formed as part of the Yellowstone Caldera during the Lava Creek eruption about 640,000 years ago.

What do you call the various type that ejected by a volcano?

During a volcanic eruption, lava, tephra (ash, lapilli, volcanic bombs and blocks), and various gases are expelled from a volcanic vent or fissure.

Does the eruption of a volcano during and eclipse related to an eclipse?

No, the eruption of a volcano during an eclipse is just a coincidence!

What happens during a quiet eruption?

During a "quiet" or effusive eruption lava pours out of a vent and flows downhill, but there is little or no explosive aspect to the eruption.

What is a volcanic throat?

it is the upperpart of the volcanic chimney during an eruption it is the upperpart of the volcanic chimney during an eruption

How many people died during the eruption of Paricutin from 1949-1952?

about 1,400 people died and there were 2 births during the eruption

What are the examples of precautionary measures before during and after an volcanic eruption?

precautionary measures before,during,after eruption of volcano

What to do during volcanic eruption?


Average temperature of lava?

2000 degrees Fahrenheit Another answer: I will say the answer is: 950 °C (1,750 °F)Reason: Lava is molten rock expelled by a volcano during eruption. When first expelled from a volcanic vent, it is a liquid at temperatures from 700 °C to 1,200 °C (1,300 °F to 2,200 °F).

Does a pyroclastic flow typically occur during a quiet or loud eruption?

Pyroclastic flow typically occurs during a violent eruption.

How many people were injured in the Mount Pinatubo eruption?

About 800 people were killed during the eruption of Mount Pinatubo's eruption in 1991.

Most fatalities during volcanic eruptions are caused by what?

Most deaths during eruptions occur during pyroclastic flows/surges during an eruption and volcanic mudslides (known as lahars) after the eruption.

A What happens inside the volcano during its eruption?

magma flows up to form the eruption

Why did Jews leave Spain during the middle age?

They were expelled from the kingdom!

Who was the Faithful old nurse during the Trojan war?

Eurycleia was the name of Odysseus's faithful old nurse.

Why is the atmosphere affected after a volcanic eruption?

likely due to the gases and ash that are ejected during the eruption

What was the death toll in the 1995 soufriere eruption?

19 people sadly died during the eruption.

What effects did the Mt Krakatoa eruption have on the island?

Two thirds of the island disappeared during the eruption.

When does a pyroclastic flow happen after or before the eruption?

Generally pyroclastic flows happen during an eruption.

How many people were killed in the 1912 eruption of Mt Katmai?

No one died during this eruption