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ANSWER:The concise Brittanica Encyclopedia estimates the surface of the Gulf of Mexico to be

1,550,000 km2 that is 1,550,000,000,000 m2

e maximum depth of the Gulf is 5203 m.

The average depth is somwhere between 0 and that value. I guess 1/4 the maximum depth (because it gave me an almost round number) of 1300 m.

Multiplying 1,550,000,000,000 m2 x 1300m = 2.015 x 10 E 15 m3 or

5.3 X 10 E 17 USGallons (give or take 1223gallons)

or about 650 Quadrillion gallons (650,000,000,000,000,000)

You were pretty close. It's 643 Quadrillion gallons according to the EPA's official site, which says, "... The mean (average) water depth of the Gulf is ~1,615 m and the basin contains a volume of 2,434,000 cubic kilometers of water (6.43 * 1017 or 643 quadrillion gallons)

Yep, you are absolutely correct. I posted the above here and on my blogs, but forgot to come back here and correct my math. I have corrected my numbers above. Thanks for posting your update so that I got an email about this math typo and could correct my numbers above.

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Q: How many gallons of water are in the Gulf of Mexico?
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643 quadrillion gallons

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Oil in the Gulf of MexicoNo one knows how many gallons have spilled and estimates vary greatly. It's certainly in the millions of gallons, with more being spilled daily.

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840,000 to 1,700,000 US gallons is flowing into the Gulf every day.

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The Gulf of Mexico is not a state, but rather a body of water that juts off from the Atlantic Ocean and is adjacent to many southern states of the US, as well as Mexico itself. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida all border the Gulf of Mexico.

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