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How many gallons of water are produced by the Amazon rain forest every day?


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about 20,840 gallons a day


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there were 12000 trees cut down in Amazon rain forest.

There is pollution in every river in the world.

In the amazon rain forest it is very warm and humide they get rainfall every day at 4PM

About 19.6 gallons of gasoline for every barrel of crude oil.

Over 2000mm of rainfall falls in the Amazon Rainforest every year.

The Amazon gets nine feet of rain (that is 108 inces) every year!

The Amazon Rain Forest:Has more primates and freshwater fish than anywhere else in the worldHome to about 40,000 plant speciesAmazon River puts 40,000 gallons of water into the Atlantic Ocean every secondHome to one of the largest freshwater fish in the worldHas world's largest lily

well because of deforestation there are less and less every year but in total in 2009 there were 284 frogs just in the amazon - B)

over 50 gallons of honey is produced by 15 bees a day ha fckers bet ya did not know dat

Rain forests do not produce ANY water. Rain forests REQUIRE water; without water, it would become a savanna or desert. Water comes from rain, and they generally get a LOT of it.

The Amazon Around the equator ------------------- Every rain forest on the planet is in decline because of the activities of mankind.

There is an average of 180,600,000,000 pounds of milk produced in the United States each year. This is equal to 21 billion gallons of milk.

Many thousands of people visit the amazon rainforest each year

I really don't think you could even begin to count how many different types of species that have evolved in the amazon jungle. You could never get a real answer.There are actually to many animals to count in the Amazon! We actually haven't found out every single animal in the Amazon rain forest. I would probably guess about 5 million animals are in the Amazon Rain forest actually!

They chop town more than one acre of land in the amazon rainforest every minute so it wont last long though it is quite a massive forest.

produced in every transformation

27,154 gallons for every inch deep

Gallons per minute is the amount of gallons used or moved or saved for every minute of time that passes. If you wanted to calculate how many gallons were pumped through a water fountain every minute, you would measure this and divide the gallons by the minutes and get your "gallons per minute".

The Amazon jungle or rain forest is in South America. This jungle is so massive that it covers 8 countries making it the largest tropical rain forest in the world. To kind of get an idea of how big it is, the Amazon jungle is as big as the country of Australia. Sadly, due to deforestation, forests the size of Brazil are lost every year.

every second about .3 million gets used Every hour 10 million gallons every day aprroximately 530 Million gallons of water gets used and reused

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