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660,000 gallons of water

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You can fill a standard in-ground swimming pool.

Atr a 100,000,000 gallons oil spill that would fill about 200 Olympic size swimming pools

The average swimming pool takes 18000-20000 gallons of water to fill

It would fill about 91,000 residential in-ground swimming pools.

Not many, a average swimming pool holds approx, 12, 000 to 15,000 gallons of water.

A billion litres of water would fill 400 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Depends on the pool you're comparing it to..

An Olympic pool holds about 660,253 US gallons of water.There are 128 fluid ounces in a US gallon.The average US soda can is 12 ounces, so there are 10.6 cans to a gallon.660,253 (gallons) x 10.6 (cans of soda to a gallon)= 6,998,681 12 fluid ounce soda cans it would take to fill an Olympic sized pool.

An 18' Round 52" wall above ground pool holds approximately 7300 gallons

2,500 m3 (88,000 cu ft) or 2,500,000 L (550,000 imp gal/660,000 US gal) minimum, depending on depth[4]...

As the Olympic size swimming pool is nearly 88,00 cubic feet. It would certainly take 120 billion small marbles to fill it

It depends on your water companies measure of 1 unit. In my area 1 unit is equal to 748 gallons of water. so 40 units would be: 40units X 748 gallons = 29,920 gallons of water. Just about the amount of water you would use to fill up an average swimming pool.

this question cannot be answered without knowing the depth of the pool

Not all Olympic swimming pools are the same. So you need to know how much water you are going to need in the pool. Takes the length x width x by average depth x 9 Will tell you how many gallons you need. the rate of flow is based on time. If your pool is a million gallons and you need it full in 1 hour that is 1 million GPH (gallons per hour). Say you have 120 hours it will take 8333.GPH to fill. Kenny Kummer Brody Chemical

13300 gal of water can fill WHAT? 13,300 gallons of water will fill a 14'x28' pool that's 3 1/2' to 8 1/2' deep.

A 5/8" hose (the usual garden type) delivers up to 17 gallons per minute or 24480 gallons per day. Most pools will fill between 16 and 24 hours.

827 gallons would fill a container with a volume 110.6 cubic feet.

Olympic pool = 2,500,000 Liters = 5,283,441.0472 pints

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