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Q: How many gcse do you need to do level 3 health and social?
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OCR level 2 adult numeracy equivalent to GCSE?

No it is not. Adult Numeracy qualifications are competency qualifications and are assessed by means of a 1-hour, 40 question multiple choice questions - this is not as full as a complete GCSE. The two awards are at the same level but not equal in coverage of maths. Yes they are, there are many unit's of course work to complete, before you can sit the test. Numeracy Level 1 - GCSE D - G Numeracy Level 2 - GCSE A - C

How many GCSE do you need to be a lawyer?

English and history mainly, a b grade in both are highly recommended.

Characteristic of social health?

There are many different characteristics of social health. Someone who interacts with other people relatively easily is said to be in good social health.

Is math coumpalsary?

In the UK it is compulsary to study maths until GCSE. Once you have taken your GCSE in maths you are no longer required to continue into AS and A level however many employers in certain jobs like to see an good A level maths grade. Hope this helps.

How is social health and mental health a like?

They are directly related. A person with good social health tends to have better mental health than those with poor social health. Being around friends frequently tends to keep people happier and healthier (mentally and physically). This is not a law written in stone and there are many mentally healthy people with poor social health and many mentally ill people with good social health.

What are the courses O level?

"O levels" are the old-fashioned equivilants of GCSE's. O levels can be in many different subjects.

GCSE you need to become a firefighter?

what gcse's do you need to become a firefighter what gcse's do you need to become a firefighter

How many gcse do you need to be a street dancer?

How many gcse do you need to be a street dancer?

What is bad social health?

When you don't have good social skills and you don't have many friends.

How many gcse do you need to become a paramedic?

what gcse do i need to become a paramedic

How many gcses do you need for hair and beauty?

Hiya you dont many GCSE's at all for hair and beauty altough it proabley would help if you took some creative subjects to help you out when you really start studying at collage and university level so just enjoy ur GCSE's while you can although be warned collages do look at your GCSE's when your appliying no matter what corses your doing so don't just diregard your GCSE's although im sure you wouldnt :)

Is coca cola a good thing or bad thing for central America?

I'm presuming you're doing GCSE geography :) Well it is good as it is a main income and provides jobs for people globally , which is a social and economic advantage. However it is also a health disadvantage as coca-cola contains many e-numbers and is full of sugar and caffeine which is obviously bad for you health.