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Q: How many gears in an auto transmission Mazda 626 V6?
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How many gears in auto transmission d4 option?

It is a 4 speed.

How many gears does a 84 Dodge Ram have?

If you are asking about how many gear ranges the transmission has, the auto has 3 and the manual has 5. If you are asking about how may total gears the truck has, when you add up the rear axle, transmission, distributor, steering, etc, there are dozens.

How many gears does a Toyota Corolla transmission have?


How many gears in a turbo 400 transmission?

There are 3 foreward gears and 1 reverse gear.

How many gears does a 2005 Allison transmission in a 2500 Chevy have?

It should have a 6 speed Transmission.

How many gears does the transmission in a 1995 Chevy G20 van have?

It has 5 foreward gears and a lock up converter.

How many gears does a 3 speed auto have?

This answer will be multiple choice........ A) If you are posing it as a "trick" question; Four. Three forward and one reverse. B) If you mean how many actual gears are physically located in the transmission; 10 to 20 "gears" maybe more depending on the manufacturer. C) If you really are talking about how many forward speeds...... The answer may be too technical.

How many gears has the 2.liter auto VW sharan have?

Mine is a 1997 model. It has 4 gears.

How many gears are in a 727 transmission?

3 forward, 1 reverse

How many shift valves are normally found in an electronically controlled transmission?

depends on if it is an automatic and how many gears there are sometimes one valve controls two gears

How many gears in a 1997 Dodge Dakota?

Auto - 4Manual - 5Auto - 4Manual - 5

How many gears does Dodge Dakota 1994 have?

Auto - 4 Manual - 5Auto - 4 Manual - 5

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 1998 Mazda millennium hold?

auto trans hold S if dry 9.3 qts (US) DRAIN AND REFILL 8.5 qts(us)

Where can you get a Mazda 3 2005 owners manual?

You can get a Mazda 3 2005 owner's manual directly from Mazda. You can also get it in many auto parts stores.

How many gears does a 1971 VW super beetle have?

A Super Beetle with a manual transmission has four forward gears and one reverse. A Super Beetle with an Autostick transmission has three forward and one reverse.

What is the maximum number of gears on a motor vehicle?

There is no maximum. The manufacture could theoretically put as many gears as they want. Mercedes Benz has a 7 speed transmission & Chrysler has an 8 speed transmission. Long haul semi-trucks have 26 gears ratios or more.

How many quarts of transmission fluied for a 1996 Mazda miata?

2 quarts

Which online stores have Mazda car parts?

Many online retailers have Mazda auto parts for all models of Mazda vehicles for sale. The most popular sites are Autohaus AZ, Auto Parts Warehouse and Car Parts Discount.

How much gears do a mack truck have?

As many as the transmission the customer orders with it has. Could be as few as four or as many as 18.

How many gears does a automatic transmission car have?

Three. Or (with overdrive) four. Plus reverse, of course!

How many gears does a 1993 Chevrolet g20 conversion van transmission have?

Three plus Overdrive

How many gears are in a 1999 dodge 2500 auto diesel?

Four forward, one reverse.

How many gears in a 99 galant?

depends on the model. I have a 99 Galant MIVEC with an Auto GB. Comes with 5 gears .. 4F x 1R with tiptronic capability.

How many gears does a dodge neon 2.0 have?

Automatic Dodge Neons had a 3-speed automatic transmission.

How many RPMs does ford explorer 02 runat at 70 mph?

It would depend on the gear ratio and transmission. stock tires 235/70r16: auto(O/D) with 3.55 gears =2160 rpms auto(O/D) with 3.73gears = 2270 rpms manual with 3.73s = 2360 rpms