How many germ are there in hands?

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Q: How many germ are there in hands?
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How do you use germ in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.I have the germ of an idea.Do you know what a germ can do if you don't wash your hands?Mom likes to add wheat germ to her milkshakes.

What is a sentence for the word germ?

The germ divided into a new pair.I have discovered a new species of germ.If I find a single germ in my bathroom, you're fired.

Can germ-x cause rash?

I'm girlfriend started using germ-x at work and now she developed a rash on the back of her hands. So my questions is could it be the germ-x or something else?

Which one removes more germs washing your hands or germ x?

Germ-x kills pretty much all the germs, but washing your hands only removes them ,and they go down the sink. They don't die though.

How many germ layers on a squid?

3 germ layers

How many germ layers does a clam have?

it has three germ layers

What is a sentence using the word antibacterial?

using antibacterial germ x is healthy for hands

When handeling bearded dragons can you take use germ x to wash your hands before and after?

i would rinse ur hand in water before then after us germ x

What is a catchy slogan for washing your hands?

Be aware, wash with care! Filthy fingers forecast sickness and sadness. Drown a germ and wash your hands!

Are children the key germ spreaders?

yes, they are because they pick their nose and don't wash their hands

How many germ layers does a sponge have?

A sponge has just one germ layer

What is the difference between a microbe and a germ?

Germ is an everyday word for microbes that cause sickness. A microbe is any living thing that is small enough that you can't see it with your eyes alone (you need some type of microscope). also a germ is found on hands

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