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Ghosts can be spoken to, by using a ghostbox which can be purchased from a paranormal store..The voices which can be heard are called EVPs (Electrical Voice Phenomena)..If these EVPs are not of a good quality, they can be filtered on a computer, so you can confirm what the spirits are saying. You can get LOTS of information when using a ghostbox..start off with basic questions like "whats your name?" "Is there anything you'd like to say?"..You may even be lucky enough to have your spirit guide introduce him/herself :)

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How many ghosts have been seen in 2001?

You can see ghosts either one would feel them.

How long have ghosts been ghosts?

The concept of Ghosts has been in existence since before the egyptians. Many civilisations felt that death wasn't the end of life but a simple passing on to another. The life force or spirit of the dead was called many things including ghosts

How many ghosts have been caught on tape?


Do ghosts like to be talked to?

Probably, I mean if you were dead and had no one to talk to you would be lonely, wouldn't you.

How many ghosts sightings have there been?

None any credibly report

Where were ghosts first seen?

Ghosts have been tracked down to 2000 b.c but really the ghosts have been in earth since the beginning of time.

Can you really talk to ghosts trough the ouija board?

People have talked to ghosts through the ouija board. However, they are almost always evil ghosts which come through. It is far safer for one's own soul to pray the Rosary.

How many ghosts have been spotted in Hampton court?

over 11 at the hamptons

Have you seen ghosts?

Ghosts have not been proven to be real, but some people claim to have seen ghosts and poltergeists.

How many years have people been researching if ghosts are real?

more than 111,111,189,995,465,378

Do ghost exsits and why do people believe in them if they dont?

There are many different beliefs on if ghosts are real or not real. People do believe in ghosts, whether or not they are real. There has never been any scientific study that has verified the existence of ghosts.

Why did people make up ghosts?

They didn't. Ghosts have always been here.

Does ghosts exists?

No one knows if ghosts exist sometimes it is just your imagination but there have been cases when people have seen ghosts.

Is there a person that have seen ghosts?

ME! I actually talked with one in my "spiritualist aunt Laura" it was very creepy and very cold in that room

Do people believe in ghosts?

Yes, although the existence of ghosts has not been scientifically proven.

Have people been killed by ghosts?

No. Ghosts do not exist. LIES. Lies all the way.

Is there ghosts at the howard school?

There are many ghosts at the howard school

How many ghosts are in the world?

If you believe in ghosts, than there are many ghosts in the world. There is not an exact answer because some move on just as some die and become ghosts.

When was The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves created?

The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves was created in 1966.

How many pages does Skinner's Ghosts have?

Skinner's Ghosts has 405 pages.

How many pages does Ghosts of Eden have?

Ghosts of Eden has 279 pages.

How many pages does Steel Ghosts have?

Steel Ghosts has 312 pages.

Is there such things as real ghosts?

well there may not be ghost but there is spirits my mother swears she saw her mom and my mothers sister swears she talked to their mom

Where was the first sighting of ghosts?

Humans have been seeing ghosts for as long as there have been humans on earth. The bible speaks of ghosts and even before that stories passed down for centuries gives us an idea how common it is.

Has any ghosts been spotted?