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Up to 70,000 at a time

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How many babies does a giant squid have?


How many babies does it have giant squid?


How many arms does a giant squid have?

A giant squid has 8 arms,but 2 tentacles as well.

How many years can a giant squid live?

The life span of a giant squid is 4 to 5 years.

How many heart chambers does a giant squid have?

the squid usually has three hearts

How many tentacles does a giant squid have?


How many chromosomes does a giant squid have?


How many hearts do giant squid have?

It has 3

How many babies do squid have?

Squid do not have babies, they lay eggs attached to seaweed. They may lay up to 70,000 eggs!

How many giant squid are there?

Probably 400-500.

How many eyes does a giant squid have?


How many eyes does a giant squid?

two look there big

What is the scientifical name for a giant squid?

There are many species of the Giant Squid, but they all fall under the genus Archeteuthis. The most known species is probably Archeteuthis dux.

How Orcas have babies?

they have babies by eating too many stuff like sharks or a lot of squid.

How many suckers are on each side of a squid?

there are exactly seven hundred and eighty six suckers on a giant squid

How many suckers are on a tentacle of a giant squid?

On one tentacle of a squid, there are approximately 650 suckers per tentacle.

What animals prey on the squid?

Squid are favorite prey to many fish species, as well as to many whales. The giant squid are hunted by sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus). Last, but not least, squid are also eaten by man.

Have anyone ever caught a live Giant Squid?

No, no one has ever 'caught' a giant squid. People, many people actually have caught VIDEOS and PICTURES of the giant squid, multiple times. While the videos and pictures were caught in the natural habitat no one has sucessfully caught one :) Hope this helps!

How many feet will a giant squid get?

Giant squids don't have feet. :P Although it is very likely that that there are bigger squids, the largest squid recorded to date was over 42 feet long [link attached below].

How many arms does a kraken have?

A Kraken is a giant squid so eight arms and two tentacles.

How many babies does a giant panda have at a time?

2 or more

Is an cricken an animal?

I believe you are referring to a Kraken. This was a mythical animal that has often been portrayed as a giant squid or squid-like animal in movies. The giant squid is a real animal that may be as long as 50 feet if you include tentacle length. The mythological kraken is usually described or portrayed many times larger. Although the kraken is mythical, the legend may have arisen through sightings of giant squid by early seafarers.

How many giant squid are there in New Zealand?

Tecniclly yes, but they live all over the Atlantic Ocean.

How many school buses does a giant squid equal?

Two i watched animal planet and it stated that fact

What strange and unknown creatures have been found at great depths of the sea recently?

The Dumbo Octopus,Giant Squid,Sperm Whale,Oarfish,Vampire Squid,Coelacanth,Gulper Eel,Giant Isopod,and many many more species have been found in the great depths.