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How many gigabytes should you have on your hardrive?

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its depends how big ur hard drive is a 20 gig hard drive will be cool for all general things

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Can you get a hard drive in a Xbox core?

Arcade = no hardrive Pro = 60 gb hardrive Elite = 120 gb hardrive

What does GB hardrive mean?

GB means giga byte or how much memory an xbox hardrive has

How do you check how big your laptop hardrive is?

If you have Windows (you probably do) go to Start>My computer (or just computer) and right-click the 1st device that comes up and click properties. Where it says capacity it should say how many Gigabytes (or GB) your hard drive is.

How many petabytes in a gigabyte?

You should rephrase this question to how many gigabytes in a petabyte. There are 1,048,576 Gigabytes in a Petabyte.

Do you need 200 gb hardrive to play halo reach?

No, I play halo reach on my 4gb xbox.

How many gb are in 1 MB?

The question should be how many mb are in a gb. And that i do not know.

Can you use a 20g hardrive in a Xbox elite?

Yes, you can use a 20 gb hard drive on the elite model.

Can you swap a 250 GB xbox hardrive with a 4 GB xbox console?

That depends whether you have more than 4 GB's of data saved or plan on getting that much data.

How many GB needed on a tablet to download mine craft?

It should take less then a GB, so at least 1 GB free.

How many bits is 2 GB?

the answer should be 2 billion ! because 1 gb is 1billion bits

How many gigabytes should i get on a flash drive?

The amount of gigabytes you should get on a flash drive depends on your specific needs, otherwise the more the better

What is the starting price for Dell desktop computers?

The starting price for a Dell desktop computer would be $299.99 for the Insprion 660s model. THis product comes with a 500 gigabyte hardrive as well as 2 gigabytes of RAM.

What is a Hardrive used for?

What is the purpose of a hardrive

How many gigabytes in a gigabyte?

There is exactly one gigabyte in a gigabyte.

What is better the X-Box 360 elite or the X-Box Arcade?

It all depends on what your looking for .The elite is more money while it is a different color and comes with a 120 gb hardrive . While the arcs come with no hardrive and i believe cost around 150 USD dollars at walmart. I would suggest you buy a Xbox 360 slim it comes with 5 usb slots, 250 gb hardrive and a built in wifi receiver. ( so you don't have to buy a wireless receiver. That is if you are using wifi.

How much will an Xbox 360 be on Black Friday?

For a pro console of 60 GB hardrive, probably a good 249.99. Maybe cheaper depending which places you find.

How many GB are in 3.5 Gb?

3.5 gigabits (Gb) = 0.4375 gigabytes (GB)

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