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Q: How many girlfriends does Jaden Smith have?
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Has Jaden Smith had girlfriends?


How many girlfriends do Jaden Smith has?

Jaden smith does not have any girlfriends, but rumors are going around saying that he might be going out with Madison pettis, but you know this can be highly unlikley!

Has Jaden Smith ever been cheated on?

Yes of course he has by many of his girlfriends

How many girlfriends has Jaden Smith had?

4 Girls. Kennedy, Rachel, Olivia, & Stella

Will Jaden Smith date?

yes and he does have 2 girlfriends NADIA AND NEEBAH

How many girlfriends did Jaden Smith have?

Non he dosent have a girlfriend and that girl in karate kid she is just and acter not his girlfriend

Are will Smith and Jaden Smith related?

yes jaden smith and will smith are related will smith is jaden smith dad

Is this how you spell Jaden Smith?

Jaden is spelled like this- 'Jaden Smith'.

Can Jaden have girlfriends?


What is Jaden Smith's nationality?

he has many

Is Will Smith the son of Jaden Smith?

no jaden smith is the son of will smith

How many sisters does Jaden Smith have?

Jaden smith has one sister called Willow smith who is an actress, a singer and a dancer.

What is Jaden Smith's girlfriends name?

Carmen Garthwaite I hope I love you you are so hot and cute with yourmplaits and Afro

Who is Jaden Smith's dad?

Jaden Smith's dad is Will Smith

Is Willow Smith or Jaden Smith older?

Jaden Smith

Who is Jaden Smith's dad?

Jaden Smith's dad is Will Smith

How are Will Smith and Jaden Smith Related?

Jaden Smith is Will Smith's son.Source: "Jaden Smith." Who2? Biographies. Who2?, 2010. 15 Jul. 2010. jaden-smith

Jaden Smith or jayden Smith is Will Smith's son?

Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith.

Is Jaden Smith Willow Smith brother?

Jaden Smith is Will Smith's son.Yes, they are.

What is Jaden Smith?

jaden smith is a good singer

Who do Jaden Smith have a crush on?

jaden smith has a crush on............

Who is Jaden Smith's girlfriend real?

jaden smith have no

Who is taller jaden or Willow Smith?

Jaden smith

Is Jaden Smith satanist?

No, Jaden Smith is not a Satanist.

Is Jaden Smith derrel Smith's son?

No, Jaden is Will Smith's son.