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I personally think he had five but if you don't believe me watch his DVD set thingie about his life

he has like 10 he is so hot

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 01:54:35
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Q: How many girlfriends has john cena had?
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How many girlfriends that john cena his hole life?


Does John Cena have a girlfriends?

He is married.

What is John Cena girlfriends name?

It's Nikki Bella

How many children does John Cena have?

John Cena does not have any children.

Whats john cenas girlfriends name?

ok well first of all i have to say tht john cena is totally friggen gorgous!!!!!!!!!second of all john cena doesnt have a girlfriend currently.August 21, 2008 Cena is currently dating Mickie James

How many brothers does John Cena have?

John Cena has 3 brothers.2

How many times john cena beat carlito?

how many times john cena beats carlito

John Cena have kids and how many?

John cena does not have kids and he does not want them at the time being

How many times did john cena get married?

2 times john cena get married

How many championships of John Cena?

John cena won a total of 19 championships

How many shirts has john cena wore?

John Cena wore about 1060 shirts

How many times has Rey Mysterio defeated John Cena?

he has never beat john cena john cena defeated rey in a singles match.

How many titles did john cena win?

John cena has won 11 world titles

How many records does John Cena have?

John cena has been wwe chapion 7 times.

How many fights have john cena lost?

No John Cena has not lost any fights he has been in

How many languages does John Cena speak?

John Cena speaks one language- English.

How many kids does John Cena have and how old are they?

So far, John Cena does NOT have any kids.

Did John Cena cage fight?

john cena has fought in many many cage fights because as you know he is a wrestler

How many sons does John Cena have?

he has 1 called chris cena

How much time Randy Orton beat john cena?

how many time john cena beat randy orton i love to randy freind with john cena

How many brothers and sisters john cena has?

John Cena has no sisters bur 5 other brothers

Is John cena bad?

No. John Cena is not bad. If John Cena was bad, he would not care about his fans. John Cena will always support his fans so John Cena is GOOD!!!!!

Is Juan Cena related to John Cena?

JOHN CENA and JUAN Cena are cousins

Who won the royal rumble in 2008?

John CenaJohn Cena

Who win more Triple H or john cena?

triple h wins more than john cena john cena only wins when he become angrytriple h wins john cena many times but john cena win triple h only 4 times and triple h wins john cena about 9-13