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he slept with 9 girls in total.

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William Shatner played Captain Kirk from 1966 to 1969, and returned to play an animated role in 1973.

Christopher Pike Kirk was just one of many captains in Star Fleet. He was an Admiral for a while and then returned to being a Captain. He was never head of Star Fleet. He was only the Captain of the Enterprise.

In Star Trek The Original Series Kirk appears in 79 episodes.

The captain of the starship Enterpize was James T Kirk. Many people can get confused to know if its James T Kirk or Alan Shepard because Alan was the first US astronaut but the captain was definitely James T Kirk.

Captain James T. Kirk had many crewmates Spock, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Pavel Chekov, Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu & more but the ones mentioned are his main crewmates.

all 79 episodes of the original series

Kirk was never "cloned". He was split into 2 during a transporter malfunction and a robot replica was created. Of course, there's also the "Mirror" Kirk.

Acording to the records of Temporal investigations James T Kirk had 17 separate time violations.

there are five star trek series. these are: the original series; captain Kirk - William shatner the next generation; captain Picard Deep Space Nine; captain sisko voyager: captain Janeway

Kirk was never actually " cloned ". He was divided into two halves of one whole, during a transporter malfunction in the episode "The Enemy Within". One half good, the other evil.And there was an android replica made of him in the episode, " What are little Girls made Of? "Neither of which can technically be classified as cloned.

alot, including you if you want it to be.

William Shatner of Star Trek fame ( Captain Kirk) is the best-known example.

Why do girls sleep around? The same could be said as to why guys sleep around. The youth of today is growing up in a society where 'anything goes' and not all, but some young people (even adults) feel if a man can sleep around then why not them. Girls of any age can sleep around for many reasons, but the main ones are: because they can or they want to feel loved.

1848 This is because: for the girls Sunita is definitely captain. Thus it is Sunita and the 14 other girls as captain and vice captain. For the boys, it will be the first boy and the 12 other boys, the second and the 12 other boys and so on. thus, it is 11x12 for the boys Multiply 11x12 by the 14 and you get 1848. Lol it confused me 2 first time :D

The Enterprise that Kirk was captain of had 419 crew members. Captain Archer had 86 crew members on his ship. There were 760 crew members under Captain Picard when he was onboard the Galaxy Class version of the Enterprise. There are 1650 crew members on the Sovereign Class ship that Picard later commanded.

If "he" is telling many girls that he likes them and wants to sleep with them, he is NOT sincere as far as a relationship is concerned. He is probably sincere in telling you that the wants to sleep with all the girls he talks with, he is my dear "a player" and just know the score before you "play"

16 before he went back to hera due to that because he was off in a war

A thirteen year old girl should get 7-9 hours of sleep depending on health.

Original TimelineQV-101 (USA:NASA) Commander Fred Haise, Commander Jon EngleXCV-330 (ST:The Motion Picture) Captain UnknownNX-01 (ST:ENT) Captain Jonathan ArcherNCC-1701 (ST:TOS) Captain Robert April, Captain Christopher Pike, and Captain James T. Kirk, Captain William Decker, and Captain SpockNCC-1701-A (ST:The Search for Spock) Captain James T. Kirk (also with the rank of Captain but not in command include Captain Spock, and Captain Montgomery Scott)NCC-1701-B (ST:Generations) Captain John Harriman (other non-canon books mention: Captain Tomas Johnson Jr, Captain William George and Captain Demora Sulu)NCC-1701-C (ST:TNG (Time Travel episode) "Yesterday's Enterprise") Captain Rachel GarrettNCC-1701-D (ST:TNG) Commissioned in the the beginning of the TNG Series and Placed under the Command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Later Destroyed under his command in "ST:Generations"NCC-1701-E (ST:First Contact, ST:Insurrection, ST:Nemesis) Captain Jean-Luc Picard and later Captain Data.Current Timeline (2009 Reboot)NCC-1701 (ST:Star Trek 2009, and ST:Into Darkness 2013) Captain Christopher Pike, Captain Spock, Captain James T. KirkAlternate TimelinesNCC-1701-D (ST:TNG (Alternate Future) "All Good Things") Admiral William T. RikerNCC-1701-F (ST:Online) Captain Va'Kel ShonNCC-1701-J (ST:ENT (Time Travel Episode) "Azati Prime") Captain UnknownMirror UniverseNX-01 (ST:ENT "In a Mirror, Darkly") Captain Max Forrest, Commander Jonathan ArcherNCC-1701 (ST:TOS "Mirror, Mirror) Captain Christopher Pike, Captain James T. Kirk, and Captain Spock

According to IMDB, Kirk appeared in 76 feature films.

Kirk Frost has one child, and his wife Rasheeda is pregnant with their second.

8 kids, 5 girls, 3 boys, only josh and Jake fish