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Maurice the rocket Richard scored 544 goals in his career

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Q: How many goals did maurice Richard get for the Montreal Canadiens?
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What Montreal Canadiens player has the most consecutive seasons with 20 goals?

Maurice "Rocket" Richard

Who was the first European player to play for the Montreal Canadiens?

Maurice Richard with 544 regular season goals.

Who has scored the most hat-tricks 3 goals in one game in career playoffs for the Canadiens?

Maurice Richard

Which player on the Montreal canadiens scored the most goals?

Bob Marley

Who was the last Montreal Canadiens to score 50 goals?

Stephen richer

Who scored first 50 goals in NHL?

Who was the first American born hockey player to score 50 goals in a NHL season?Bobby Carpenter was the first american born hockey player to score 50 goals in a season scorinng 53 goals in 1984-85 season.

Who was the first to score 50 goals?

Maurice "Rocket" Richard

How many goals did maurice Richard get in his whole careair?


Most goals scored nhl game?

21 goals. In 1920 the Montreal Canadiens won a game vs the Toronto St. Pats, 14-7.

When did maurice Richard start playing hockey?

Maurice Richard changed hockey by fighting for what he believed in- freedom and equality. He was also the first person in hockey to score 50 goals in a season, and 500 in his career. "Rocket" Richard, after his retirement, received the longest standing ovation in Montreal city history- 16 minutes long, for all his achievements.

When did Maurice Richard score 5 goals in one game?

In 1955.

How many goals did Maurice Richard score in the 1944 - 1945 season?

544 goals and approved by Wikipedia