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One Billion

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Q: How many gold atoms does a drop of sea water contain?
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How many gold atoms does Au contain?

This depends on the mass of the gold sample.

What does gold consist of?

Gold is a natural element and therefore only consist of gold atoms, Gold atoms, contain 79 electrons, 79 protons and 118 neutrons.

How many moles of gold atoms are there in 12.4439 kg of gold?

12,4439 kg of gold contain 63,177 moles.

How many atoms does 100 grams of gold have?

Gold has a molar mass of 196.96655 grams per mole. 100 grams then is equal to .508 moles which makes 3.059 E23 atoms of gold.

Every drop of seawater contains approximately how many gold atoms?

9.2 grams

What mass of gold contains twice as many atoms as 2.74g of silver?

The gram atomic mass of silver is 107.868 and that of gold is 196.967. Equal numbers of gram atoms of different elements contain equal numbers of atoms. Therefore, the mass of gold required to contain twice as many atoms as 2.74 g of gold is (2 X 2.74 X 196.967)/107.868 or 10.0 g of gold, to the justified number of significant digits.

Experiments with gold foil indicated that atoms?

contain a positively charged, dense center

What are the differences in atoms in elements and compounds?

atoms in elements are one kind of atom where as atoms in compounds are different atoms example gold is a element and it is made up of only gold atoms and water is a compound and it is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms

What contains Gold or which products contain Gold?

usually wedding rings contain gold :) did you mean eatable gold? E 175 gold or tiny slice gold for food decorating did you mean food contain gold for health? you can try (original) forest honey or extract of sea water ;)

Gold is made out of what?

Gold is an element, so it's made out of gold atoms. it has atoms icons

What are compounds sugar water salt or gold?

Sugar, water, and salt. These are made of two or more kinds of atoms, but gold is an element itself.

5.6 moles of gold contain how many atoms?

5.0 grams gold (1 mole Au/197.0 grams)(6.022 X 1023/1 mole Au) = 1.5 X 1022 atoms of gold ===================