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Q: How many grades are in the Russian education?
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What is more important education or grades and why?

Education is more important, but if you are learning what you are being taught your grades will reflect it.

When does education considered as beneficial?

Education is considered beneficial when you complete it and get good grades

How do russian kids go to school?

Primary school 1 - 4 grades Middle school 5 - 9 grades High school 10 - 11 grades

What education does a nature artist need?

some highly qualified education and good grades

Are missing grades worth a lot?

yes missing grades do worth a lot because your grades to help your education - hi im here

How did mendeleev feel about Russian science education when he came back from Germany?

How did mendeleev feel about Russian science education when he came back from Germany?

Do children need an education?

children need education to pass in other grades or for their own good.

In Texas do you have to have passing grades to be in drivers education?

No, you don't have to pass in order to attend drivers education.

What was Walter Dean Myers' grades?

his education level is college

What is michaeljackson school education?

he was smart and got good grades

What sort of education do children in Mexico get?

At the very least, Primary education (1st to 6th grades) is mandatory.

Is graduate school considered postsecondary education?

Primary education is grade school, grades 1-6. Secondary education is high school, (or junior high school followed by high school) which is grades 7-12. Post secondary education is college or university. And graduate school is post-graduate education.