How many grams of gold are in 7 avoirdupois ounces?

Troy weight was so named from Troyes in France where it was first adopted in Europe. The Troy Ounce is supposed to have been brought from Cairo during the crusades. One Troy ounce is about 10% heavier than the common Avoirdupois ounce. Avoirdupois is the system of weights using the pound of 16 ounces. Troy weight is the system of weights used for Gold, Silver and Jewels with twelve ounces to the pound. 1. All the "grains" (Av. and Troy -- see 3. below) weigh 0.0648 metric grams. 2. One avoirdupois oz. is 0.9115 troy oz.; one troy oz. is 1.0971 avoirdupois oz. 3. Troy oz. are their own weight system for precious metals. See the Related Link "Weight Converter" for a good online conversion page for many systems.