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How many grams of protein are in an ounce of steak?


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2009-04-27 21:17:55
2009-04-27 21:17:55

There are typically 7 grams of protein in an ounce of meat It varies depending on the meat. Look into a nutritional database to find out:


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There are 27 grams in an ounce of steak.

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38.8 grams of protein in an 8oz steak. There is roughly 4.85 grams of protein per oz of steak.

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A 6 ounce serving of rib-eye steak will have around 34.5 grams of protein. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, this is about 69% of the daily value needed.

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One 16-ounce porterhouse steak has 1,182 calories and 78 grams of fat. One porterhouse of this size also provides 112 grams of protein.

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typically 7 grams of protein = 1 ounce

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