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It will be 11.5 gm od Na metal

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Is sodium chloride a metal or non-metal?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is a salt.

What is the difference between sodium chloride and sodium metal?

Sodium chloride is NaCl, a salt containing Na, a metal.

Do you list the metal or nonmetal first in an ionic compound?

Metal like Sodium Chloride. Sodium is the Metal and Chloride is the Nonmetal.

Is is sodium chloride ionic or covalent?

NaCl is the formula for sodium chloride. Na is a metal and Cl is a non metal. Ionic bonds are between a metal and a non metal. Therefore, Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is an ionic compound.

Is sodium chloride two metals two nonmetals a metal and a nonmetal or a nonmetal and a noble gas?

Sodium chloride contains the metal sodium and the non metal chlorine.

Which is an ionic compound water sugar carbon or sodium chloride?

sodium chloride (NaCl), it is the combination of a metal and a non-metal

What metal and non-metal makes sodium chloride?

Sodium and Chlorine. Sodium is a metal and chlorine is a halide gas.

Why does sodium conduct electricity but sodium chloride doesnt?

Sodium is a metal having free electrons; solid sodium chloride is not an electrolyte.

Electrolysis - sodium from sodium chloride?

Sodium metal can be obtained by electrolysis from molten mixture of sodium chloride and calcium chloride in Down's cell. The metal can not be obtained by electrolysis from aqueous solution, because hydrogen will evolve instead.

Is sodium chloride classified as metals?

No, sodium chloride is classified as a salt. It is a compound fo sodium, a metal, and chlorine, a nonmetal.

Alkali metal in table salt?

Table salt is sodium chloride. Sodium is an alkali metal.

What is the non metal in table salt?

Table salt is sodium chloride, NaCl; the metal is sodium.

Metal plus non-metal example?

Salt, chemically known as sodium chloride. Sodium is a metal, chlorine is a non-metal. They bond ionically as the compound sodium chloride, which has completely different properties from its component elements.

Is NACL metallic?

Sodium chloride is not a metal.

What alkali is produced when sodium chloride is added to water?

Sodium chloride is dissociated in water in Na+ and Cl-. Sodium is an alkali metal.

What is salt sodium chloride?

sea salt which is based on the metal sodium.

Are the properties of sodium the same as the properties of sodium chloride?

Absolutely Not! Sodium chloride is table salt, a crystalline solid; sodium is a highly reactive metal.

Why sodium have a positive charge in sodium chloride?

Sodium is a metal and form the cation Na+.

Are sodium and sodium chloride the same?

No. Sodium is Na, Sodium Chloride is NaCl = common salt. Sodium is an alkali metal, naturally it is only found in a combined form.

Why does sodium metal and sodium chloride behave different?

Sodium chloride contains sodium ions, not metallic sodium. Hence they show different chemical properties and behaviour.

Chlorine gas reacts with soduim metal to produce sodium chloride?

It is a true statement that chlorine gas reacts with sodium metal to produce sodium chloride. The symbol for chlorine is Cl.

Is sodium Chloride a metal or a nonmetal?

It is a non metal. It is an ionic compound.

Which metal and acid would you use to make sodium chloride?

The metal: sodium. The acid: hydrochloric acid.

What metal is extracted from seawater?

The metal Sodium, as sea water contains salt which is NaCl (Sodium chloride).

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