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Q: How many gray wolves are in Canada?
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How long has the gray wolf been in Canada?

How many gray wolves are there in Russia

Are wolves native to Canada?

Some wolves like gray wolves and arctic wolves are.

Are gray wolves or timber wolves more popular in Canada?

Grey wolves and Timber Wolves are the same.

Where are most gray wolves found?

Gray wolves live mostly in Canada, Alaska, and in Russia and in neighboring parts of Asia and Europe.

Where do you see most of the gray wolves in the world?

mainly in canada

Are gray wolves extinct yet?

Heavens, no! Grey wolves are flourishing in Alaska, Canada, and the western States like Idaho and Washington. In fact, in Idaho hunters were recently allowed to hunt and kill grey wolves because the wolves were rapidly depleting the Elk herds. The greys also kill far too many sheep and cattle, costing farmers much money.

Where do the wolves originate from in Yellowstone National Park?

The wolves currently there are decendents of gray wolves brought to the park from Canada in 1995.

Where do gray wolves usually live?

Gray wolves can be found in Alaska and Canada, as well as the Pacific Northwest. There was a time when they were found throughout all of North America, however they faced extermination in many areas.

Do gray wolves live in forests?

Yes, some gray wolves do live in forests.gray wolves do live in woods and forests of:Massachusetts,new hampshire,vermont,maine,alaska,and canada.

How many gray wolves are left in the wild?

There are approximately 5000 gray wolves that are left in the wild.

Are Canadian gray wolves timber wolves?

Canada have gray wolves but it is also known as a timber wolf so technically they have both but they are the same animal.

How many wolves are in the packs of the gray wolf?

Gray wolves usually travel in packs of 4 to 7.

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