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How many hands of a clock?

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Clocks have 0, 2 or 3 hands: 0 (digital clocks), 2 (hour and minute), 3 (hour, minute and second).

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At 10 o'clock the hands of the clock are at an angle of 60°

No Hands on the Clock was created in 1941.

The duration of No Hands on the Clock is 1.27 hours.

The hands of the clock will form a straight line 12 times.

Big Ben actually has no hands! Big Ben is actually the bell inside the clock. Even if you did say Big Ben was the actual clock, it would have eight hands.

All of the hands of a normal analog clock move in the "clockwise" direction.

Infinitely many. They will not stop overlapping -from time to time - as long as the clock keeps on working.

3 o' clock 6 o'clock 9 o' clock 12 o'clock

A clock with hands, and mechanical workings.

To draw a clock you need hands.

150 degrees. usually, we say ten to three when talking about clock hands. if the clock says 2:50 it's digital and has no hands.

3 hands of a clock 3 Hands on a Clock (with the Seconds Hand)

A clock has hands and can not clap.

The angle in which the hands of the clock make at five o'clock is 150o.

if the clock on has 2 hands : hands would change 1440 timesif you use the second hand; it would move a total of 44640 times

At 3 hours 45 minutes there is not an acute angle between the hands of the clock (unless you extend the hands backwards).

We look at a clock and we see the hands on the face of the clock.

None. I don't click the clock. The clock clicks as the hands go around the dial or the old fashioned numbered clock flips the numbers.

A clock has hands but cannot clap.

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