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There will be 45 handshakes (assuming that each person doesn't repeat who they shake hands with).

Use the following formula for this one (n*(n-1))/2 where n is number of if 10 people its (10 x 9) / 2 = 45 handshakes, if 7 people its (7 x 6) / 2 = 21 handshakes etc.

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Q: How many handshakes will there be altogether at the end of a business conference if the ten people present all shake hands with each other once?
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How many handshakes will there be altogether at the end of a business conference with five people present?

9 handshakes if everyone shakes everyones hand once

If at a party there are twelve people present Everyone has to shake hands exactly once with every other person How many handshakes are necessary?

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There are 3 people at a party If each person must shake hands with every other person at the party exactly once how many handshakes will there be?

With 3 people, there are only 3 handshakes: AB, AC, and BC. Where it gets interesting is at a party with, say, 10 people ... 45 handshakes. Or in the US Senate when all 100 Senators are present ... 4,950 handshakes.

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