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How many hard drives does a computer have?


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It depends on the kind of computer.


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You have no hard drives listed. You have the ability to assign any drive letter (except the Main 'C' ) to your hard drives using "Computer Management" has many great deals on many of the leading hard drives on the market today. Additionally, I'd suggest looking at solid slate drives (SSD) over the traditional hard drives.

It all depends on how many your computer will hold.

Yes they are, although you can get external hard drives that are separate.

The most common problem with large hard drives is computer crashes.

Assuming that when you say system unit of a computer you mean the computer case A.K.A. the tower, then no, hard drives are not always installed internally. Hard drives can be in external enclosures, hard drive docks, and even network attached devices.

The best place to visit about purchasing computer hard drives is an online website. A person can go on Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, or Bestbuy website to find the best place to visit about purchasing computer hard drives.

how many types hard disk drives

The space inside the computer for DVD/CD/Floppy(who uses these anymore?) Drives and also Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Drives.

Hard drives are located in the CPU cabinet. They are usually screwed in the front panel of of the cabinet.And you can locate hard drives in My Computer.

How many can you put in your computer? Linux can support massive servers with hundreds of hard drives. I believe the mainline kernel supports up to 702 hard drives, although patches are available for up to 3904 disks. You're far more likely to run into hardware limitations than you will with how Linux handles hard drives.

Depending on what computer you got but they are found inside the computer or tower.

Hard Drives, CDs, Floppy disks, USB drives.

Hard drives last for many years

Western Digital branded computer hard drives can be purchased at your local computer supply stores. They may have to be ordered for you as they do not typically keep these in stock.

External computer hard drives can range in price from as little as $70 at Walmart or Best Buy, to more than $1600 at higher end electronics or computer stores.

A computer hard drive or drives

The best external hard drives come from the company Seagate. They make affordable and reliable hard drives that will work for anyone's budget and needs.

- internal hard drives - optical drives - external hard drives - external USB sticks - NAS (Network Area Storage)

the hard drives can be switched and what ever was on them will stay on them.

Not the computer itself, but the software on the computer. Strong magnetic fields can degauss the magnetic drives, that is the can lift and destroy the data that is stored on the hard drives.

This company sells used computer equipment. The equipment can include computers, networking equipment, computer components like hard drives and disc drives.

Internal Desktop refers to electronic computer parts that are designed to be installed inside a desktop computer. e.g Internal Desktop Hard Drives are hard drives designed to be installed inside a desktop computer.

Yes, you can install multiple hard drives in your computer. If you have multiple internal bays then you can install drives inside the case. If not, you can buy external Firewire and USB drives that attach to the ports on the back of your computer. If you are unfamiliar with opening your computer, then choosing an external solution is the easiest and beth method.

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