How many harmful bacteria live on Earth?


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AnswerThere are a lot of bacteria all over the world that affect the environment and the creatures that live within them, including humans. Estimating their number, though, is both difficult and largely meaningless. For example, even a simple infection on one person (such as an infected cut), may contain billions of separate bacteria. trying to estimate quantities worldwide would involve numbers that are simply too large to be useful.

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of course there are many harmless and useful bacteria that our live depend on

There are harmful to all organisms, but some bacteria are helpful in many ways.

Humans are related to bacteria in that they are both a part of the Earth. They interact with one another, and while some bacteria is actually helpful to humans, many kinds of bacteria can be harmful.

Many different kinds of bacteria live in the intestines. They assist in digestion of foods and keep harmful bacteria from in check.

There are a great many ways that bacteria can be harmful. Bacteria can definitely cause decomposition and sickness for example.

A person has "good" bacteria in the large intestine. These are often called probiotics. A person also has many on the skin and they crowd out harmful ones.

Blue green bacteria has color pigments and bacteria doesn't and bacteria is made with many products for humans to use and blue green is harmful they live inc ponds ,mrivers , lakes

There are many, many types of bacteria. They can be both harmful and helpful to us. Also, even if there were to be helpful in a certain part of the body they may also be a pathogen in another.

some harmful effects of bacteria include: can cause decease's, sickness, unusual behavior in victim, spoil food. But there are many more.

it contains the temperature of the Earth and blocks harmful rays from the sun and from outer space. with out it, Earth would be either too hot or too cold to live in and many harmful rays would reach and destroy the earth

some harmful effects of bacteria include: can cause decease's, sickness, unusual behavior in victim, spoil food. But there are many more.

Bacteria would consider benefitial and harmful bcz many food component are you eating made by bacterial reactions like yeast... but most of spp. are harmful.

Not every bacteria is harmful to us. Some like the gut bacteria are very essential for their survival. But many bacterias like the Salmonella Typhi causes typhoid and so on..... -Ashish Mradul

Yes. Your skin has many types of bacteria that are needed to fight off more harmful bacteria. Females have bacteria that help fight off fungal infections. When a bacteria population reaches a certain number it is no longer helpful, and thus considered pathologic

There are many bacteria that serve beneficial roles. Bacteria in the environment break down dead matter and waste, allowing it to be re-used by other living things. Some soil bacteria convert nitrogen into a form that plants can use, allowing them to grow. Many animals, including humans, have bacteria in their digestive tracts that aid in digestion and protect against harmful bacteria.We could not live without bacteria.

Prokaryotic Cells are the smallest cells present such as bacteria. Many harmful bacteria can cause infenction.

Many animals are carnivorous in nature. Many animals carry harmful bacteria to humans.

more than 1/4 than you already have

Normally this would come under biology, However many bacteria are involved in geological processes (e.g. stromatolites) and it has been found that bacteria live deep down in the rocks of the planet. Thus were bacteria are involved in this way their study would be of concern to the earth scientists too.

bacillus means rod shape bacteria and many of them are harmfull like Bacillus anthracis, Haemophillus influenzae etc.

it has very many harmful effects on your life because if it get in your system it will spread and u will die if u dint get help

Well some bacteria can be beneficial to humans in some ways like yogort, bread and many other things they are made from or have a good kind of bacteria in them

Counting all the bacteria on earth is is impossible. Even estimating is nearly impossible. my guess is: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and probably more then that!!

There are many types of bacteria some of which don't need to live inside another organism.

Well, you can think of bacteria. Many cause diseases. For example, 2 bacteria that damage the stomach is Heliobacter Pylori and E.Coli.

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