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If your talking about the faces, then there is only one head, George Washington, but if you are talking about the sides, there are two. Heads and Tails

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Q: How many heads are on a quarter?
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A quarter is tossed 4 times in how many different orders can heads and tails be used?


What is a quarter most likely to land on?

HEADS!! Because our heads are bigger than our butts!! :)

Who is on the heads side of the quarter?

George Washington

What is the probability of flipping a quarter and getting heads and rolling a die and getting a 6?

The probability of flipping a quarter and getting heads is 1 in 2. the probability of rolling a die and getting 6 is 1 in 6.

Is a quarter most likely to be on heads or tails after a flip?


How many possible outcomes for one coin toss?

2 because it can either be heads or tails:) but if the coin is a 2 headed quarter only one.

Which comes up more when flipping a quarter Heads or tails?

Neither. Its a 50:50 probability. In the long run, heads will match tails.

What are some similarities between an Arabian and a Quarter Horse?

Not many. Arabians are typically thin and high spirited with high held tails and delicate heads, they have amazing stamina and smooth gaits. Quarter horses are stocky and are good sprinters, and also at sliding stops and cutting. They are named for racing a quarter mile.

What is a new Quarter with heads on both sides worth With no dates?

They cost about $8 in novelty shops.

How many liters is quarter cup?

How many millimetres in a quarter cup? How many millimetres in a quarter cup?

How can you tell if a double headed quarter is real?

To be very blunt, if you hold it in your hand and it looks like a standard quarter but has two heads or two tails, you can say for certain that it's a fake.

Who is on the heads side of a US quarter?

George Washington is portrayed on the head side of the US quarter.For any quarter from 1932 to present, it would be George Washington -- for any quarter older than that, it would be an artist's depiction of (a fictional) Miss Liberty.George Washington { our first president }

Does tails on a quarter weigh less than the heads?

Your question is not clear. Please rephrase it and submit a new question.

How many grams in a quarter ounce?

how many grams in a quarter ounce? There is 7.08738075 grams in a quarter ounce

How many grams a quarter ounce?

how many grams in a quarter ounce? There is 7.08738075 grams in a quarter ounce

What is the travel time between Noosa Heads and Hervey Bay?

From Noosa Heads to Hervey Bay is a distance of 185km. Travel time is around 2 and a quarter hours or a little more, depending on traffic.

What is the value of a quarter with two dates?

If the two dates are 1776 & 1976 It's a bicentennial quarter and it's still worth a quarter If it's a state or territorial quarter, has two dates on the back and one of them is between 1999 and 2009 it's also just worth a quarter. If it has two heads with a date on each side it's a magician's coin - see the Related Question.

What are the differing characteristics between the Quarter Horse the Arabian and the Quarter Pony?

The Quarter horse and Quarter pony are built nearly the exact same, except the Quarter pony is 14.2 hands and under, while the Quarter horse is 14.3 hands and up. the Quarter horse/pony is bred to be stocky and strong with larger hindquarters and the ability to sprint 440 yards (Quarter of a mile.) It was a lucky chance of breeding that the horses had a natural ability to work with cattle, this is now a feature of the horse. They tend to have slightly 'blocky' or 'bulldog' like heads. Arabians are smaller 13.2 hands and up horses that have been breed for thousands of years to be able to survive in the desert with minimal food and water and to have enough endurance to cover long distances. They are much more finely built than Quarter stock and have very refined heads that are concave in profile.

How many quarter cups make a quarter cup?

1. A quarter cup is a quarter cup.

How many heads are there in the MtRushmore?

there are 4 heads on mt.rushmore

How much is a three headed quarter worth?

There are no 3 headed quarters minted by the U.S. Mint.

How many degree in port quarter?

how many degrees is a quarter port

How many eighths in a quarter ounce?

There are two eighths in a quarter.

If you flip a penny a nickel a dime and a quarter simultaneously what is the probability that the penny and the nickel will come up heads and the dime and quarter come up tails?

1/16 These are four independent events each with a 1/2 probability. The probability that all four occur (penny and nickels heads and dime and quarter tails) is: 1/2*1/2*1/2*1/2=(1/2)4=1/16.

How many tens are in a quarter?

There are no tens in a quarter, ten is 40 times larger than a quarter. Possibly you meant to ask how many tenths are in a quarter, in which case the answer is two and a half.