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On average, 7% of high school graduates go to the military these days, others just enter the work force or go to college.

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Q: How many high school recruits have died in the military?
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Seven 2007 UF recruits attended which High school?

Lakeland High School in Florida

Do I need a high school ged or diploma to join the military?

You don't need to, but it most definitely improves your chances. The military on the whole takes fewer than 2% of its recruits as high school dropouts, and it treats those holding a High School diploma or a GED as essentially equivalent.

What high school did 7 2007 recruits for Florida Gators attend?


How many college recruits do Armwood High School have?

11 possibly 12

Can you join army with belford high school diploma?

US army accepts new recruits with high school or equivalent education. Yes you can join army with your high school diploma.

When was Monastir Military High School created?

Monastir Military High School was created in 1847.

Are military high schools bad?

That depends which military school it is.

How do you get a ROTC at your high school?

If you attend a military school, you can ask about it.

Is there a branch of military that does not require a high school diploma?


Can you go in the military with a diploma from aspen high school?


Can retarded people join the military?

Generally if they can graduate from high school, they can join the military.

Can you get into the military with a diploma from an online high school?

Yes you can. Earning an accredited high school diploma from from any online school makes you eligible to apply not only for military services but for other jobs as well.