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Q: How many hispanic people live in America?
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Related questions

How many hispanic people are in America?

too many

How many people hispanic live in Texas?


How many people live in Iowa and how many are Hispanic?

Just over 3,000,000 reside in Iowa and an estimated 3.8 percemt are Hispanic so about 114,000 Iowans are Hispanic.

How many Hispanic people live in Alaska?

About 4% of the population.

What types of hispanic religions are there?

Many people in Hispanic or Latin countries are Catholic, though many are non-practicing. Born-again Christianity is growing in central America, which is the area of North America south of Mexico.

Who lives in barrios?

people that live in barrios many hispanic immagrantes

How many people from Guatemala live in America?

how many people live in America that are from Guatemala

How many hispanic people live in the United States?

Approximately 13 million.

Who were people living on the borders of America?

The people living on the borders of America come from many different ethnic backgrounds. A large number of people on the southern border of America come from a Hispanic background.

How many Mexicans are in North America?

Depends on where you live. In some states the Hispanic population is the majority. For instance, CA has a Hispanic population of about 40% of the total population. Some states are less.

How many people live in Central America?

36 million people live in Central America.

About how many people live in South America?

About 382 Million people live in South America.

What groups might live in a Hispanic immigrant community?

People from many Spanish-speaking countries

How many people are in America altogether?

There are 311,608,382 people live America.

What hispanic culture is the most of spanish speaking people in Salt Lake City?

Most of the Hispanic/Latino community in Utah is from Mexico, but many also come from Central and South America.

Approxiamately how many people live in the continent South America?

About 355 million people live in south America.

How many people live in the America?

About 900 million people live in the Americas.

Hispanic black and white people?

Hispanic is a term the U.S. government created to describe a group of people from a certain region Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central and South America. If you have Spanish or Portuguese ancestry they consider you Hispanic. History Spanish

How many Hispanics live in California?

how many hispanic, latinos, mexicans live in california

How many people are fat in the world?

It depends on how many people live in america.

How many people live in south America back then?

964 people lived in south America

How many people in America live in poverty?

Too many

How many hispanic heritage won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Many people of Hispanic heritage have won the Nobel Peace Prize. 22 people of Hispanic heritage have won the award to date.

How many people live in America illegally?


About how many people live in north America?

About 528,000,000