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if you are asking HOW MANY holes does a girl have below waist and their PURPOSES and NAMES, well... there are probably 30-50 thousand SKIN PORES scattered in human skin below the waist. these are important mainly for perspiration, skin hair growth, and oil secretion, which is essential to keep a girl's skin supple. then there's the human anus. this is where excreta come out of our body. sometimes those with sexual fetishes use this for their pleasure. girls also have a vagina. the vagina is one of the more important parts of human reproductive system. the purpose is obvious. on the deep end of the vagina lies the cervix, another hole which serves as protection to inner reproductive organs. another excretory HOLE is the opening of the urethra. this is where urine is expelled out of a girl's body. hope this answers this VERY INTELLIGENT question

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Q: How many holes does a girl have below waist how many and what is there purpose and name?
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