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How many homes are destroyed by hurricanes?


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April 22, 2015 4:33AM

It depends on the intensity of the hurricane. A category 1 storm will do minimal damage to homes while a category 5 will destroy almost every home in its path. There are many variables involved in what causes damage in a hurricane. There is the actual wind damage. Then their is the damage caused by the storm surge. The storm surge is the result of when the hurricane's eye passes over land. Their is a wall of water that is pushed by the hurricane when it comes ashore this is the storm surge. Flash floods are also something else that can cause damage. Flooding can occur over a very large area far away from the eye of the storm.

Most homes damaged in a hurricane are from flooding and then comes the wind damage. Also waves whipped up by the storm can cause tremendous damage. Also hurricanes can cause landslides. Also it is not uncommon for hurricanes to produce tornadoes.

Mobile homes are easily damaged by hurricanes. Poorly constructed wooden homes can also be blown down. It really comes down to how the house was built. What kinds of standards were used in the construction of the home itself. Many hurricane prone areas have strict construction codes for newer buildings.