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if the Jonas brothers still have the house in New Jersey then they have 3

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The Jonas Brothers own 2 homes: One in Wycoff, New Jersey, and one in Waterside (outside Dallas), Texas.

the Jonas brothers are 3 brothers who sing and have there own show. they are joe Jonas,nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas?

The Jonas Brothers write their own songs

The Jonas Brothers write there own songs! The Jonas Brothers write there own songs! Yup! But sometimes Garbo and John Taylor help! ^^

there are 3 Jonas brothers. Kevin, joe, and nick. but they have a little brother named Frankie who is in his own band.

No, they do not own that car. It was only for the show.

Despite constant criticism from audiences around the world, it has been proven that the Jonas brothers write all of their own material.

The Jonas brothers do have a limo of their own. I went to one of their concerts and got backstage passes and i actually talked to them and they had their limo parked outside the backstage area. It was the best time of my life. i love the Jonas brothers♥

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are gettting their own T.V show on Disney channel. They already have their own T.V show and its on DVD.

The Jonas Brother's write there own songs. A lot of them.

The Jonas Brothers don't attend church. I mean, can you imagine if the Jonas Brothers walked into your church? Their dad is a pastor, so they probably have their own church services.

The most recent Jonas Brothers album was "Lines, Vines, and Trying Times". Yet one of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, drifted off a little bit from his brothers to make his own album called "Nick and The Administration".

By Nick Jonas because he was on Broadway and a person signed a contract to his own record-label. And then the Jonas Brothers made a song together called ''Please Be Mine'' and the record-label people heard it and signed the Jonas Brothers {Nick, Joe, and Kevin} for there own CD to be released.

uhh.. yeah he is in the boy band called The Jonas Brothers =)

In the Jonas Brothers book "Burning Up on tour with the Jonas Brothers" it says 3,567,891 sunglasses. However, that seems pretty unreasonable! I think around 50 to 60 pairs. When your famous, you can do a lot!

This question calls for an opinionated answer. Obviously, many girls think that the Jonas Brothers are hot, but some don't. Whether or not you think they are hot is down to your own personal opinion.

Nick,Kevin,and Joe hope he will. But he has his own band

No, Nick Jonas does not own his own personal Facebook account. The only Facebook accounts that he has, is shared through all 3 of the Jonas Brothers.

well if you mean do the Jonas brothers own any dvds then they most likely do. the dvds they star in is camp rock, camp rock 2, night at the museum 2 and Jonas brothers live concert.

Frankie is 9 years old and his birthday is September 28, 2000.Frankie is actually not in the band "The Jonas Brothers". He has his own band, "Hollywood Shakeup". He plans to join the Jonas Brothers when he is older.

No!Only the Beatles have their own Wii game.

yup,they do! Isn't that awsome!?

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